It’s that transitional time of year again, that in-between season that is too warm for heavier bedding but when your lightweight summer bedding looks inappropriate. Here we take a look at how to dress your bedroom for the onset of Autumn…

When our wonderful British weather turns grey our brightly coloured summer bedding can appear garish, and simple white bedding looks a little cold. Consider injecting some warmth (literally and figuratively) with new bedding. This can be in the form of a heavier weight duvet (going from 4 tog to 9 tog, or 9 tog to 13 tog depending on how snug you like to feel) or some warm coloured bedding for an impression homely comfort.

Many people have a duvet in two sections – a 4 tog and a 9 tog that can be clipped together in winter to make a 13 tog. If you’ve been using a 4 tog, consider switching to the 9 tog duvet (wait for winter before clipping them together). If you have a single part duvet, the most flexible way to add warmth is to layer up! A lightweight quilt over your duvet will keep you cosy, but can easily be put aside on warmer nights. A wool throw makes an attractive final layer for added comfort when it’s cold.

In Autumn we need to dress the bed for a variety of temperatures, layering will give you the ability to easily and quickly change the ‘tog level’ with the weather.  The various textures and materials will also add interest to your scheme and can be a relatively inexpensive way to add some warmer colours to your decor. Take a look at our Kadi Ember quilt in deep red, charcoal and chocolate, and Bronte throws in shades of rust, taupe and coffee – these accessories will help warm up your usual white or cream bedding.

Now is the time to consider turning your mattress if it has a summer and winter side. Our Orthosoft and Waterlattex mattresses have a summer side designed to keep you cool and a winter side with wool padding for warmth. If you are using the summer side of your mattress you may want to turn it to the winter side soon.

Alternatively add a cosy mattress protector and soft cotton or linen fitted sheet.

If you are thinking of buying a new bed, a solid wood bed frame will add a rustic touch appropriate to the season. From the chocolate brown shades of walnut, through deep russet shades in cherry wood to pale golden ash and oak – natural, solid wood will suit an Autumn palette. Natural timber has a variety of subtle tones that can be picked out in the colour of your bedding, you can pick out the cooler tones in summer and warmer shades in Autumn/Winter.
Just add a rug by the bed and place some scented candles on the bedside tables and you’re all set for Autumn!

For more inspiring ideas check out our pinterest board – Autumn Bedrooms.

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