A four poster bed makes a stunning centrepiece to any bedroom, at Natural Bed Company we offer a wide range of styles from the ultra-modern Cube bed to the exotic, classic Raj – so you’re sure to find a style that suits your decor! However, if you are thinking of changing your bedroom style to suit a new four-poster – here you’ll find a few looks to consider and our suggestions for the perfect four-poster bed to suit…

Contemporary Style – The Cube Four Poster

The Cube bed is our most recent four poster design and our most modern in style. This is a bold, statement bed that looks it’s best in a large bedroom or loft space. With such a strong bed design I would keep bedding and accessories simple. The Cube or Kyoto bedside tables look great with this bed as they follow the Cube Four Poster’s clean lines. Modern lighting, a wood or concrete floor and simple painted plaster walls complete the style.
Soften this look if you prefer with rumpled, washed linen bedding or a colourful duvet cover. A more rustic back-drop – bare stone or brick – will also compliment this bed.

Take a look at our Pinterest board – Contemporary Loft Style for more interior design inspiration.

The Orchid – A Modern Classic

The Orchid four poster is something of a chameleon in style terms! It can look wonderfully modern –  maybe teamed with simple linen bedding, bare brick walls and designer lighting – or it can look very classic in style, when accessorised with antiques and traditional decor. In the images above you can see variations on these styles, the Orchid in solid walnut makes a dramatic focal point in a Georgian bedroom while in solid oak it looks cosy but contemporary.

Often the most interesting interiors are a mix of styles, the items chosen because they are loved not because they conform to a specific theme – the slightly retro angle-poise lamps on the modern Cube bedside tables both work well with the classic plaid wool blanket! Don’t be afraid to mix, just keep to a simple colour palette to unify the look.

For more interior design ideas take a look at  our Pinterest board – Four Poster Beds.

Fresh and Romantic – The Oasis 4 Post Bed

The Oasis has four posts, the tall headboard posts are connected to each other, the lower footboard posts are connected – but, unlike the Cube and Orchid beds, the head and foot posts aren’t connected with upper side bars. This gives a modern, ‘open’ look to the bed. It also means that this bed looks appropriate in smaller bedrooms.

A minimalist modern style will really suit this bed and, if you want to take this look to the extreme, order the bed lacquered with a solid black or white finish.
A move you can see a softer, more feminine take – the muted palette in dusty shades of warm ivory, cream and pale peach suit the solid oak bedroom furniture. A light canopy, running from back to front, evokes a sense of romance and summer holidays. This is a bright, but cosy look – here we’ve used embroidered silk bedding and simple accessories for a summer look. For winter try white cotton bedding, with a comfy quilt and warm wool throw.

Indian Chic – The Raj Four Poster Bed

The Raj four poster bed has been inspired by the shapes and motifs of Indian interior design with a western, classic colonial twist. The design concentrates on the proportions and strong shapes of eastern style, but retains a western simplicity with a plain headboard panel and chunky posts. The Raj is shown here with Indian plain and patterned bedding in deep blues and gold. The tones complement the deep aqua wall colour. A contemporary Indian silk saree has been used as a canopy and Indian crafts complete the look. The candles on the bedside tables add a little more romance to the look.
This look, inspired by an East meets West aesthetic also suits the highly ornate Goa four poster bed and the Togo and Senegal tall post beds. The looks shown here use a more neutral palette and less dramatic bedding and accessories for a modern take on this style.
Whether you are looking for a romantic, bohemian bedroom or a simple look with an eastern flavour – this collection of four posters will offer you a bed to suit. Take a look at our Pinterest boards for more inspirational images: Exotic Bedrooms, Boho Loco or Ethnic Interior Design

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