The festive season is upon us – it’s now the perfect time to prepare your home for family and friends saying over, and to dress your own bedroom for the holidays. Here we’ll take a look at how we can help make your home cosy and stylish…

Festive Bedroom Styles

There are so many looks to choose from to create a wonderful winter bedroom, but we recommend choosing a theme that you will love well beyond the holidays.

A current, popular look for bedrooms is inspired by Nordic style. A cosy interiors look making use of natural materials such as solid wood bed frames, chunky knitted throws and cushions, faux fur blanket and cow hide rugs. A neutral colour palette can be warmed up at Christmas with splashed of red or orange: a red-striped duvet set, a vase of twigs with red berries and holly or a warm coloured quilt in copper or russet will work perfectly. Soft, cool blue and silver shades also work with this look and can give a wonderfully frosty ‘winter wonderland’ feel to your scheme. Take a look at our ‘snowflake’ design Bronte throw for the ideal finishing touch! Soften a cool palette with solid wood furniture in the chocolate brown tones of walnut or with warm solid cherrywood furniture.

A rustic, cottage look is always popular around Christmas. Tartan and check throws in deep shades of chocolate brown, slate, emerald or crimson add cosy charm to classic solid wood bed frames and simple cotton bedding. A traditional Christmas wreath hung from the wall behind the headboard is perfect for the holidays, and can be exchanged with a framed print or photograph for the rest of the year. Complete the look with a faux fur throw over the end of the bed and some rustic candles on the bedside table – bliss! Take a look at our pinterest board – Rustic Luxe for more inspiration!

Winter Bedding

Layers of bedding are the ideal choice for guests, as they can pile on as many layers as they like depending on their preferences!
Start by turning your mattress to the winter side (if it has one) and adding a soft, quilted mattress protector. A fitted sheet will keep everything in place, to treat your guests or yourself – try our luxury 600 thread count cotton bedding. The ultimate in luxury is a down filled duvet – Canadian goose down is the most exclusive option – light-weight and soft, they will keep you incredibly warm. If you would rather avoid feathers, take a look at our wool-filled duvets – made in the UK – as well as being an insulator, wool breathes and wicks away moisture. This allows the body to regulate its own temperature aiding a restful night.

We offer a huge range of cotton, linen or silk duvet covers, just select the one to suit the bedroom look of your choice. Add a quilt for cold winter evenings; choose a light-weight quilt if your duvet has a high tog rating (10-14 tog) or a thick winter quilt if you are using a spring 4-9 tog duvet. Finally layer a blanket or throw over the end of the bed.

Finishing Touches

If you are lucky enough to have room for a large bedside table, you can create a wonderful festive look by adding a simple lantern and scented candle to your table top. Our melt scented candles in Noel, Forest and Verbena & Clary Sage are perfect scents for Autumn Winter, or add a Noctua scented candle in Oud & Saffron or Fig – both wonderful Christmas scents – the pretty glass, owl shaped candle holder takes up little room and can be used to take tea-lights when the scented candle has been used up.

Guests may appreciate a festive tin containing a few useful toiletries on their bedside table. The run-up to Christmas is the perfect time to get stocking-filler size treats. Take a look at our Meraki gift sets with a mini shower gel, body cream and hand cream. Fresh new guest towels and toiletries will leave your guests feeling truly pampered! Check out our blog on creating the perfect guest bedroom for more ideas.

Whatever you do – we wish you and your guests a very happy holiday season!

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