Iona a low wooden bed with buttoned upholstered headboard. This one is in Walnut wood.

Should you be expecting guests over the festive period then you will probably want to refresh your guest bedroom to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. A few personal touches can be enough to transform your guest room into one that feels as though it has been especially […]

guest bedroom styles - Tao wooden bed frame with a colourful painted headboard

With summer just around the corner, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries from customers looking to update the beds in their holiday lets and holiday homes.

Guest Bedroom Ideas - Cosy Bedding

During the holiday season we often have family and friends to stay, so we thought we’d take a look at preparing your guest bedroom for visitors in 4 easy steps.

Woollen red-checked throw gives the Arran bed with grey upholstered headboard a seasonal look

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (as the song goes), so it seems a good time to look into dressing the guest bedroom for Christmas visitors. We all know the feeling, prior to the arrival of guests a good few hours of prep is required to get your […]

Styling bedrooms for the holidays

The festive season is upon us! It’s now the perfect time to prepare your home for family and friends saying over, and to dress your own bedroom for the holidays. Here we’ll take a look at how we can help make your home cosy and stylish… Festive Bedroom Styles There are […]

The Cochin Wooden Bed - Hotel Chic – Bedroom Designs

Be inspired by hotel bedroom designs and create a stylish bedroom at home. Here we take a look at the ways we can learn from hotel designers to create beautiful, functional bedrooms. Hotels need to create a stylish space with mass appeal and a luxurious feel – so we’ll be […]

Guest Bedroom Tips - Beds, Bedding and Accessories

Now that the hectic festive season is over, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the guest bedroom. In this blog, we look at ways to update it or make it even more welcoming! Here, you can find a few suggestions for adding a little boutique hotel style […]

Tips for a small bedroom

Guest blog by Randal Whitmore from Home Luv Living with a small bedroom can be tough, especially when it has to multi-task. Some small bedrooms contain your bed, your clothes, and quite often your paperwork. Good news, though: there are a number of design principles that can help make it […]