Baby it’s freezing out there – never mind cold! At Natural Bed Company we would like to help you stay toasty this winter. We have a wide collection of cosy duvets and quilts, stylish duvet covers, bedspreads, blankets, throws and hot-water bottles. If all that doesn’t keep you warm it’s time to head for a warmer climate!

Our Duvets.

Duvets are wonderful at keeping you warm without the weight of lots of layers of bedspreads and wool blankets. We offer a wide range of options. These include wool filled duvets and feather or down filled duvets, along with a wide variety of duvet covers.

Generally the more you spend on a duvet the lighter in weight it is, while retaining a high tog rating. Personally, I’m saving up for a Canadian Snow Goose Down filled duvet. They are bliss – so light in weight, while soft and incredibly warm. They are also a bit of an investment! But rest assured there are many other  great value options available.

If you are looking for a duvet that will be suitable throughout the year, try the All Season white goose down duvet. With this option you get two in one. This is because the duvet comes apart into two halves; one rated at 4.5 tog for summer use and one rated at 9 tog for autumn-winter use. Combine the two to make a 13.5 tog duvet, perfect for the coldest weather.
We also offer cosy wool filled duvets (approx 4-7 tog). As well as being an insulator, wool breathes and wicks away moisture. This allows the body to regulate its own temperature aiding a restful night. On the coldest of nights just add a quilted bedspread and throw to ensure you stay completely toasty!


Add a quilted bedspread over your duvet in winter. Bedspreads are perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth during colder months, and you can also use them in spring/summer over just a sheet. Select the quilt that will suit your bedroom decor and the level of warmth you are looking for. We have lots of options to choose from, for example….

The Ripple Quilt is a good, flexible choice. A mid blue to one side and taupe to the reverse; both colours work well with a neutral colour-scheme. This bedspread is just lightly quilted, but will help keep the warmth in over your duvet. Pair it with a dove grey, washed linen duvet cover or our Ethiopia duvet covers in blue or grey.

The Eden collection of quilted bedspreads are also reversible and a good choice if you want to add some colour to your room. The crimson quilt has a a tropical pattern to one side, the reverse is a simple spotty pattern in ivory and dark ruby-red. It looks great with simple white bedding or brighter colours.

The aqua Eden has a similar, pale tropical print with an aqua background, the reverse is a stylish, floral pattern in shades of green and brown. The sage Eden again has a colourful tropical print to one side over pale sage, the reverse a simple geometric pattern in sage and ivory, both suit soft green bedding or a crisp white duvet cover.

Blankets & Throws

We offer a wide range of wool throws, and soft blankets in faux fur or cosy fleece (so soft and cosy you may want to wrap yourself in it under your duvet!!). Our collection of wool throws from Bronte are made in the UK using lambswool, alpaca or Merino wool – all make a stylish final layer over your bedding and will be sure to help get you through the frostiest of winter nights.

Extra Warmth…
We also stock a variety of stylish felt slippers from Glerups to keep you cosy when you’re not in bed! And don’t forget our merino and cashmere wool covered, extra long hot-water bottles from YuYu – bliss!

Looking for ways to style your bedroom this winter? Take a look at our Pinterest page for heaps of interior inspiration.

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