The Shetland bed is the latest addition to our collection of solid wood bed frames, the Shetland differs from the rest of our collection in that it incorporates an upholstered headboard panel within the solid wood frame. This is fantastic for customers who are looking to be able to personalise the design – the frame is available in 6 timber options, the finish is available in ‘natural’ lacquer or a stained finish, the upholstered headboard is available in a range of fabric options. We offer two standard fabrics – Monance a printed floral fabric in 6 colour ways, or Tailor available in 4 colours. However we are able to use any upholstery fabric that complies with UK fire regulations – so the variety of possible looks is vast!

Here you can see that a couple of subtle changes to the specification can change the mood of the bed….

The Subtle Classic

A Solid Oak Bed Frame with Clear Finish and Headboard Upholstered in Tailor Fabric, Colour – Linen.

Here the look is sophisticated and restrained, the bed frame is in (ever popular) solid oak with a plain fabric chosen for the upholstered headboard – this draws attention to the details of the design of the solid wood bed frame. The fabric chosen is in a warm neutral, a woven wool fabric that incorporates shades of beige, ivory and grey.

This look will work with a wide variety of styles of decor and bedding. As you can see from above a fresh ‘New England’ style works as well as the more classic look incorporating washed linen bedding and an embroidered quilt.

The Contemporary Romantic

A Solid Oak Bed Frame with a Clear Finish and Headboard Upholstered in Monance, Colour-way – Charbon

This is a warm, slightly more feminine look for the Shetland. The soft tones used in the floral print of the Monance fabric are picked up the choice of bedding – soft dove grey and taupe, caramel and charcoal. The neutral colours and modern, rectilinear design of the bed is a balance to the ‘romantic’ pattern of the fabric, the overall result both contemporary and charming. The Shetland bed is shown here with a modern Cube bedside table which keeps the overall look uncluttered and stylish.

Dark and Sultry

A Solid Oak Bed Frame Stained Black, the Headboard Panel Upholstered in Monance, Colour-way – Charbon

This is the most dramatic look of the three, perfect if you like a modern, subtly gothic look. This version of the Shetland bed has a lacquered frame, a black stain has been applied to the solid oak. Other stain options are available, contact us to discuss your preferences. The headboard panel again is upholstered in Monance Charbon, but would suit any of the colour-ways available.
Compliment this bed with dark walls and charcoal linen bedding to pick out the dark tones in the Monance Charbon. Choose the fabric colour-way that best suits your current bedding or your favourite colour-scheme. A pale blue Monance headboard with soft blue or cream bedding and an ivory frame, would result in a lighter, more classically feminine style.

If you would like to receive samples of the timber or lacquer finishes, or swatches of the fabrics shown – please contact us on 0114 272 1984.

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