At natural bed company we make a wide range of sizes of futon mattress in two depth options: a slim version – for children or very light-weight adults wanting a slim mattress for occasional use (or layer two – one on top of the other – of these slim mattresses for heavier weight adults wanting extra support) or a deeper mattress which can be folded for use with our sofa bed bases and used as a mattress.

These futon mattresses come with a fixed cotton cover with ties, the ties are not only decorative – they also keep the filling in position over the years. The fixed cotton cover is available in 12 colours, the ties are available in 4 neutral standard colours (ivory, black, grey or navy), and currently two (limited edition) warm colours (red or copper – contact us for details.)

Considering ordering a futon sofa mattress, but unsure which colours to choose? Here we’ll take a look the colour combinations that have proved popular with our customers…

Ivory is by far the most popular colour option for both the fixed cotton cover and the ties. Our ‘calico’ fabric is a warm ivory in colour and the ties in ‘natural’  are a similar shade. If the futon is to be used only on a bed base as a mattress – this makes perfect sense as the fixed cover and ties will not be visible beneath your sheets.
For customer who prefer to use the futon folded on a sofa base, or to be used as part of a day-bed – a deeper colour is a wise choice. Darker colours will be more forgiving of marks and wear. We also offer an additional loose cover in cotton drill or in a range of beautiful wool fabrics (perfect if your futon sofa bed is to be used mainly as a sofa, possibly kept in the lounge or office.)

Neutrals are always a popular choice with our customers and we offer a great range of neutral colours that will suit a wide range of colour schemes. For the ties, either choose a similar tone or select and accent colour – black and ivory ties are popular choices for every fabric colour!

Fabric in black, charcoal, mink, ivory or chocolate. Try ties in black, ivory or silver grey. If you want a bold accent colour you may want to try copper ties.

Warm, vibrant shades
For sofa beds to suit a colour scheme in warm, rich colours. The limited edition ties in copper suit these tones, however neutral ties can make an appealing accent.

Fabrics in coral, gold, terracotta, wine or chocolate – the most popular choice are ties in copper or ivory.

Coastal calm
Cool and relaxing colours – these are particularly popular for sofa beds used in spare bedrooms, warm and neutral shades are often used for sofa-beds situated in the lounge.

Fabric in harmony green, olive green or navy, or even black or calico. Ties in natural, navy or grey look very smart and stylish.

Other options:
Channel a Japanese inspired look with fabric in black, charcoal, wine or terracotta and ties in black, natural or bright red. Or you may want to make a bold statement and colour clash! Maybe try gold fabric and navy ties? Copper ties and a chocolate case? It’s up to you!

To find out more about our made-to-measure futon mattresses – take a look at our blog.

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