We have noticed, of late, an upsurge in orders for beds made in cherry wood. Cherry is a beautiful timber with a smooth grain and rich, warm brown ‘sienna’ colour, which deepens over time. Our new ‘natural’ lacquer finish show all the subtle tones within this timber, from soft hints of grey and sage to swathes of warm sepia tones.

This choice of timber has proved particularly popular among our customers ordering a Japanese style bed – the Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe beds in particular have an uncluttered, oriental look. The visual simplicity of the design draws attention to the richness and vibrance of cherry wood. We also can’t help but think of Japan when we think of cherry wood due to the famous cherry blossom season in Japan, which is due to start soon (late March).

Take a look below at our collection of bedroom schemes inspired by Japan, as you can see we have used a range of timbers including cherry wood – the oriental look is a style that suits all of our timber options, but you’ll find the (often) monochrome, simple bedding looks particularly good with cherry.

When you first get your cherry bed it may be relatively pale, but you’ll find that the colour subtly develops and continues to become richer over the years. There may be areas of lighter coloured grain and small knots or burrs may be present. These are part of the natural beauty of the wood.
The depth and vitality of the grain is why cherry is also popular among those wanting a bed with a tall headboard panel – the perfect showcase for such a beautiful timber.  Whether creating a ‘modern rustic’ look bedroom, or a classic style room, cherry can add a touch of warmth and drama to any scheme. Take a look at our images below and our Pinterest board ‘Cherry Beds‘ for more inspiration…

Caring for cherry wood furniture:
Unless otherwise specified, our cherry beds are finished in a durable soft satin (low sheen) lacquer. This ‘Natural’ finish has very little impact on the natural tones of the timber, it protects the wood without changing the overall tone. Previously our ‘clear’ finish deepened the colour cast slightly, resulting in a warmer hue. If you are hoping to order furniture to match a bed made in the previous finish, or if you prefer a deeper colour – we do still offer this lacquer option. Please just discuss it with us when you place your order.

The lacquer provides an easy to care for and durable finish. For maintenance we suggest dusting your cherry bed with a dry, soft cloth. We also recommend that you don’t place objects on cherry (e.g a cherry bedside table) in a fixed position for a long period of time as this can mean the area which has been covered will remain lighter than the rest of the wood, especially in areas where there is bright sunlight.

Cleaning: To clean cherry wood furniture, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and immediately buff with a dry cloth. In the event of more stubborn marks, a solution of mild detergent should be used on the cloth. Silicone based polishes should not be used on the wood as they can build up and leave a sticky residue on the surface.

Don’t forget – Order now to get your cherry bed in time for the Japanese cherry blossom season!

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