Spring is here (allegedly). No matter what the weather where you are, there’s sure to be signs: bulbs poking their heads above ground; trees blossoming to create candy-floss landscapes; birds singing, and every time you open your curtains, sunlight reflecting smears upon your windows and dust in those hard to reach places. Look at all the chaos you’ve been cultivating during the dark months! Is it time to embark on that seasonal tradition – the dreaded spring clean?

It would seem so. Many customers have been coming to us recently looking for ideas to create space in their bedroom post spring cleaning, so we thought we’d share the advice we’ve been giving them in this week’s Natural Bed Company blog.

3 tips on spring cleaning your bedroom:

Tip 1: Look down!

How much space is there? All too frequently, the floor becomes a default storage area in the bedroom of a busy person (often innocently beginning with under the bed, then threatening to take over the room!) No it’s not just you! It’s actually very common, in fact, an epidemic from what we’ve been hearing this month.

So, begin your big spring clean by removing everything from the floor and under the bed – even if it is just to another room while you clean and plan. Then make the most of this space with the aid of under-bed drawers. Perfect for storing your extra bedding or as somewhere to store your shoes and slippers.

Tip 2: Look up!

See that ceiling? Imagine how much space you could have in this room if you declutter and find alternative ways to organise what you decide to keep in your bedroom!!

Make a plan of your floor space and analize how effective your current bedroom furniture is and where you have placed it. (That antique wardrobe may be beautiful, but not hold an awful lot!) Look around on top of wardrobes, chests, tables and any other furniture. Do you really need to keep everything? If so, does it really need to be kept where it is? Do you really need hanging space or chests drawers?

We offer a range of useful bedroom storage in solid wood – the stylish way to solve your storage problems.

Tip 3: Look around!

Is your bed too big for the space? Would downsizing from a chunky traditional bed to a compact modern bed help give the impression of a more spacious bedroom. Take a look at the Kyoto, Nevada, Malabar and Sahara beds – the bed footprint is almost the same size as the mattress size – ideal when space is an issue.

As well as beds and bedding, there are many innovative storage solutions available from Natural Bed Company: bed side tables with useful storage drawers or sheves, under-bed drawers and even end of bed benches.

Of course, it’s not just about being tidy and introducing storage. How you decorate and accessorise your room helps enormously and it seems that the annual spring clean is encouraging a lot of our customers to so do. Here’s a link to a previous blog about how to create a restful room, in case you too are inspired, and here’s our style inspiration page.

We’ll be taking a look at spring/summer bedding trends soon, so be sure to check in again…

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