The most important aspect of your bedroom design is that it promotes a good night’s sleep. Here we’ll take a look at how you can select your decor to help create restful bedrooms with a peaceful atmosphere…

Colour scheme
The general consensus is that soft colours, such as pale blue or aqua, neutrals and muted (slightly muddy) pastels will help you feel calm, whereas vibrant, bright colours are the perfect choice for a lounge or dining room – spaces where you want to promote lively discourse. On the whole these are good guide lines, but don’t be afraid to follow your own preferences – it is possible to create a calming bedroom design with dark or bold colours if you keep to a limited palette and a more pared down style.

The images below show the standard rules applied – lovely neutral colour schemes and soft, slightly muted hues resulting in restful bedrooms.

These images (below) show how you can co-ordinate deeper, richer colours, but by sticking to a limited colour palette and simple furniture – you can still create a calm, ‘zen’ feeling. Touches of red in a monochrome scheme can be calm in a ‘Japanese’ style, deep greens and blues are dreamy and serene if the colour way is adhered to throughout.

Again ‘less is more’ is generally a good rule when choosing your style of bedding. Ensure the colours and patterns of your bedding don’t clash, soften a patterned duvet cover with a plain throw or quilt. You might want to reflect the colour choice for the wall paint or bedside rug in your bedding – creating a coherent colour scheme is the aim.

Bedroom furniture
A simple bed design will aid the sense of calm – keeping the space uncluttered is key. Use bedside tables with storage drawers and clever under-bed storage to ensure that the room is kept tidy (I don’t always manage it, but I know I feel more peaceful when my home appears tidy!) You’ll also note that most restful looking bedrooms don’t have a television or exercise equipment in them – if you need to keep these items in your bedroom, find a way to disguise them – a stylish screen or storage cupboard. You want to associate the bedroom with rest and comfort, not as a constant reminder of that you’ve yet to complete your week’s exercise schedule!

Using warm materials is also a good choice – we of course would recommend our collection of solid wood beds – but whether you select a Natural Bed Company wooden bed or one from elsewhere, the choice of solid wood should give a calmer feeling than a hard metal bed. Select an unfussy design to complete the look. We can often adjust the height or proportions of our designs to ensure that the bed perfectly suits your bedroom space. If the furniture looks squeezed in or too small for the space the resulting look won’t be pleasing to the eye or calming for the mind.

And don’t forget….
Design choices can definitely help create a feeling of calm, but to get a good night’s sleep – don’t forget the basics! Good lighting can help, use a dimmer switch with your ceiling or wall lights, or choose a bedside lamp that produces a soft glow (selecting the right bulb can make all the difference).
Avoid caffeine from late afternoon, ensure you have good blinds or curtains to cut out light pollution, limit your alcohol consumption and choose the right mattress for you – one that offers comfort and good back support.

We hope that by following these tips you can create a lovely calming bedroom and have very sweet dreams!

Take a look at our pinterest board to see more wonderful examples of calm and restful bedroom designs.
If you have any suggestions for creating a restful bedroom please let us know.

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