If you’ve taken a look at our Twitter or Facebook profiles over the last few weeks you’re sure to have seen updates about our new, much bigger showroom. Well, we’re up and running now, and the increased floor space has meant that we can expand our range of mattresses. We have added two new foam mattress options: – the Optimal Support and Dual Comfort (which has become an instant favourite of mine), and in a first for Natural Bed Company, two new sprung mattresses: – the Craft medium and Craft firm. In this blog I’ll give an overview of our new additions and advise on how they fit in with our existing mattresses.

The Optimal Support is a medium-firm mattress, similar in firmness to our existing Orthosoft with a similar feel to the Memory Firm. Perfect for anyone looking for extra back support, it is specifically designed to give extra support for that area of the body. It has 2cm of Memorex padding on its outer layer for comfort, with a 12cm Orthofirm layer (hence the similarity to the Orthosoft) for support.

The Dual Comfort is a fantastic addition to our collection, and is perfect for couples who prefer different mattresses as it offers both a firm and medium side. This is split down the middle of the mattress, meaning that one side can be firm and one medium, or both the same. It is incredibly easy to adjust- simply unzip the outer cover and flip the mattresses accordingly. The option to split the mattress is only available in sizes 135x190cm (standard UK double) and above. For smaller sizes, the mattress would be in one piece. With regards to firmness, you should find the firmer side similar to our Memory Firm, with perhaps less of a feeling of the mattress moulding around you, with the medium side similar to the Memotouch, but with a more luxurious feeling and a design that allows you to sink into the mattress.

Both the Dual Comfort and Optimal Support are made by the same company that provide the most popular mattresses in our range (the Waterlattex, Cotton Chic, Relaxsan, and Memotouch, among others). We try to keep the more popular sizes (double, king and super-king) in stock, but if they have to be ordered in, we expect a lead time of no more than 2-4 weeks. Once the mattresses have arrived at our warehouse we can arrange for them to be sent out to you on an overnight service.

The two new sprung mattresses in our collection, made by a British company, are handmade to order in Devon – using the finest organic cotton and natural wool, they are perfect for anyone looking to find an organic option. Due to the natural materials used in the mattresses’ construction, both options meet the relevant fire retardancy regulations without the use of chemicals.

When comparing the new options to the existing mattresses in our range, the Craft Medium is similar in softness to the Memory Medium, but will not mould around you in the same way, with the springs resisting your body giving the opposite effect to a memory mattress – more of a sense of ‘floating’ on a sprung mattress, instead of sinking into it. For the Craft Firm, to me this feels somewhere in-between the firmness of a Memotouch and Memory Firm.

As these mattresses are hand made to order, they work to a two week manufacturing time with up to a further two weeks for delivery, dependent on area.

Unlike other mattresses in our range, the Craft models are only available in a single, double and king size. It is worth pointing out that these sizes are traditional UK sizes (as opposed to the standard metric sizes, favoured by European producers), with the single being 92x190cm (rather than 90x190cm), the double 137x190cm (rather than 135x190cm) and the king 153x200cm (rather than 150x200cm). Once the bed is dressed, the extra couple of centimetres on the width of the mattress should not be noticeable. However, if you are buying a base from us we can manufacture this to be the exact size of the mattress if you would like a perfect fit. As the Craft mattresses are a little deeper than the majority of our range (22-25cm rather than 18-20cm) it is worth keeping in mind when choosing your base. There would not be a problem if you decided on a bed with a tall headboard panel – our Cochin or Zanskar beds for example – but for something with a smaller headboard, such as the Nevada or Sahara, we can make adjustments to the mattress gap in the headboard to accommodate.

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