westgate 4000 a chemical free biodegradable sprung mattress

Please note: some of the mattresses mentioned in this blog have now been updated or discontinued. Due to this, some of the information given in this blog may no longer apply to the models mentioned. This blog offers an in depth look at our chemical free sprung mattress range. It […]

weldbank-sprung-chemical free mattresses

You asked and we listened – we’re excited to say that we’re expanding our mattress range! At Natural Bed Company we are always looking for ways to improve our stock and provide the best quality products and service, with our ethics for design, quality and sustainability at heart. With this […]

foam mattresses

If you’ve taken a look at our Twitter or Facebook profiles over the last few weeks you’re sure to have seen updates about our new, much bigger showroom. Well, we’re up and running now, and the increased floor space has meant that we can expand our range of mattresses. We […]

Why Choose A Relaxsan Mattress

Here at Natural Bed Company we offer a variety of mattresses to suit different preferences and requirements. For example some people require a mattress for their guests – which would need to suit the majority of people, whilst others require an organic mattress for a family member with chemical sensitivities. […]

Foam Mattresses

Please note, this blog contains out of date information as our mattress range is intermittently updated. You can find our current collection of mattresses just here. Did you know that, every year, up to 40% of the population (so, over 16 million of us) suffer from back pain, according to […]