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US and European Bed Sizes

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen an increase in the number of international orders received here at Natural Bed Company, with 10 beds currently in production destined for America, Europe and Australia. We’ve sent wide variety of bed bases to many different countries over the years but with the noticeable increase in enquiries from customers outside the UK, now seems like a good time to take a look at the different U.S and European bed sizes we can provide.

For Comparison – Standard UK Bed/Mattress Sizes:

75x190cm (traditional: 76x190cm or 2’6″x 6’3″) – small single
90x190cm (traditional: 91x190cm or 3’x 6’3″) – single
120x190cm (traditional: 122x190cm or 4’x 6’3″) – small double or three-quarter
135x190cm (traditional: 137x190cm or 4’6″x 6’3″) – double
150x200cm (traditional: 152x198cm or 5’x 6’6″) – king
180x200cm (traditional: 183x198cm or 6’x 6’6″) – super-king (sometimes called a queen-size)

We have a world map on the wall at the Natural Bed Company showroom showing each international city we’ve delivered to. In the U.S, Los Angeles and New York are most common, but other areas are well represented. We have had customers in 10 states so far (that’s Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Texas, Georgia, California, Oregon, Wyoming, Washington and Idaho if you’re interested) leaving just 40 more to go! As we make all of our solid wood bed bases to order we can produce beds in any US size and below is a list of the most common options:

Popular Bed/Mattress Sizes – USA:

99x191cm – generally called a US Twin
152x203cm – generally called a US Queen
193x203cm – generally called a US King
183x213cm – generally called a California King

For the US Twin and US Queen size options we do not have to make any adjustments to our standard designs, with sprung beech slats working with these sizes. However, for the US King and California King we need to switch to pine slats as our standard beech option is not available due to the size of the gap they would need to span between the side and centre rails of the bed. For find out the prices for these bed-sizes, please contact us ( with the size, bed type and timber choice you are interested in and with your delivery address (the zip code/post code is usually enough).

Although we do not sell our mattresses internationally, there has been some interest from customers attempting to source US size mattresses in the UK. We can help with this, with the following mattresses being available in all the sizes listed above:

Mattresses Available in US Sizes:

Waterlattex Vision Deluxe, Relaxsan, Orthosoft, Optimal Support, Cotton Chic, Moon Firm & Medium and Memotouch.

As they are non-standard sizes here in the UK we do not keep US sizes in stock so you should expect a lead time of 3-4 weeks if you decide to order with us. Again contact us (o114 272 1984) for prices and to order.

For our European customers there are two main popular size options – the Euro double (140x200cm) and the Euro king (160x200cm). Both options are suitable for our beech slats and as these sizes are similar to our UK options, more mattresses can be added to the list above, with the futon mattress, Comfort Dual and iKool Memory Foam Firm available.

Popular Bed/Mattress Sizes – EU:

90x200cm – generally called a Single or Twin
120x200cm – generally called a Small Double (or three-quarter)
140 x 200cm – EU Double
160x200cm – EU King
180x200cm – EU Grand King or Super King

Prices for all standard UK and the most popular European sizes are shown on our website but for details on US and non-standard sizes please contact us via email at quoting the size, model of bed base and your preferred timber, along with a delivery address and we will be in touch with a quote.

Our free delivery policy only applies to mainland UK addresses so for any customers a little further afield, we will quote a shipping cost in addition to the bed price. Depending on the country of the delivery address we may remove the VAT applied to the prices on our web-site.

Regarding international deliveries, you should expect a transit time of 2-3 days for the US and up to 5-7 days for Europe. The manufacturing time for our bed bases is currently around 6 weeks.

If you are interested in placing an order with us but are struggling to decide between a couple of designs or timber options, please get in touch and we can provide further photographs and any measurements not shown on the website to make the decision making process a little easier. Additionally, if you are interested in a bed size not mentioned here do not hesitate to contact us, I am sure we will be able to help – the largest bed we have produced so far was 300x300cm so we should be able to accommodate most requests!

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