The Cuba sofa bed is the most luxurious option in our futon sofa-bed collection that also includes the Fiji, Tokyo and Panama bases.

Available in both solid oak and walnut as standard, with our 7 layer futon and sprung beech slats added for extra comfort, the Cuba sofa bed works perfectly as both a sofa and bed base. The high quality timbers used for the frame allowing it to fit in seamlessly in either a bedroom or lounge.

Unlike the other sofa beds in our range, the Cuba is only available in a double size,135x200cm, with the arms adding 23cm to the overall width of the base, meaning that the bed is 223cm wide. The sofa design is created by folding the futon mattress in half length-wise, so a smaller size would create too small a base, with the seat being too narrow and the back rest too low. The opposite problem would be created with a larger size, with the large sofa creating an uncomfortable seating position. We find a double mattress size is perfect!

As the Cuba is a bi-fold design, rather the tri-fold utilized by the Tokyo, Fiji and Panama (which fold out from the back of the base), this sofa bed is best used in a wider space, where there is room for the width of the base and space enough to accommodate a double bed when the Cuba is set up in its sleeping position (see the images above of the Cuba in both the bed and sofa positions).

This sofa bed tends to be a popular choice for use in a lounge. Add one of our wool loose covers to the futon mattress to complement your existing furniture and d├ęcor. There are photographs on our website showing the various fabrics from the Warwick Amatheon range, but if it would help the decision making process, we can arrange for samples of each option to be sent out to you from the fabric supplier.

We recently outsourced the production of this sofa bed to the same family company that makes our popular Black Lotus range of bedroom storage. As a result, we now keep stock of both the oak and walnut options, meaning that the Cuba runs to a reduced lead time of 3 weeks (the standard lead time of our futon mattress, still made in our Sheffield workshop). You can read more about the makers of our Cuba sofa beds and Black Lotus furniture in a blog written by our company director here:

You may have noticed that only the oak and walnut timber options are available as standard on our website, where in the past other timbers and stains were on offer. We can still make the Cuba in pine and the other hardwoods in our range, however these are not stock items, so a manufacturing lead time of 6-8 weeks is expected. If you are interested in an option not shown on our website, please get in touch and we will quote a price.

We currently have a walnut Cuba on display in our Sheffield showroom. If you would like to take a closer look at the design, or have a lay down on the futon mattress to see for yourself how comfortable it is, we would be more than happy to see you. Our opening hours are 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday.

As with the bed bases in our collection, the Cuba sofa bed is delivered in sections ready for self-assembly. This can sound a little daunting but the process is very straight-forward as the pieces are all fairly large, so you should be sitting on your new sofa bed after half an hour or so. The sofa bed will be dispatched on a 2 man room of choice delivery service, which means that the delivery company will take both the base and mattress to the room of your choice, unpack the bed and remove any packaging.

If you have any questions about our Cuba sofa bed that have not been answered in this blog, please do not hesitate to get in touch.