We all know that Valentines Day can seem overly commercialized and thinking of a thoughtful gift, that will be equally as good as Christmas or last year, can be quite the head scratcher! Well this year we thought we would make it easier for you and let you know what most people want (unless you’re dating a mega diva!) – more time with our loved one! Whether it’s a small thoughtful present, an activity you can both do or an evening together (just the two of you), we have a few ideas to make Valentines Day 2018 a special one…

Breakfast in Bed

We know this is the most suggested romantic activity and is probably an obvious go to, but with good reason! It takes little planning so is easy to accomplish, but is a real treat for your other half. Plus, who doesn’t love food and not having to get out of a cosy bed?! To make this breakfast extra special, how about trying to make their favourite coffee order. With the Stelton coffee accessories, you can knock their socks off (and maybe more) with delicious coffee and your new barista-like skills.

Frame Their Favourite Picture

Does your best friend have a favourite picture from Uni? A special holiday you took with your parents? A picture from when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife first started seeing each other? Small thoughtful presents like this bring back happy memories and are guaranteed to make your special someone smile when they open it and every day they look at it afterwards! Make sure you pick the right frame – we love the Umbra Prisma metallic frames for contemporary spaces and instax/polaroid pictures!

Run Them a Bath

With Valentines Day landing on a weekday this year, not everybody gets to spend the whole day with that special someone. If you know they have been extra stressed lately, or will be home late, or have that meeting they have been putting off for ages, then what better way to greet them when they come home than a freshly run bath with all the romantic accessories? Find their favourite scents in our huge variety of candles, up your bath game with Meraki Bath Bombs or (if your feeling extra loving) treat them to a back rub with Meraki Salt or Walnut scrub.

Spend All Day in Bed

Now we know most of us don’t need an excuse for this, but this isn’t just about getting more sleep. Turn your phones off (no excuses) and really spend some time together, whether that’s talking, binge watching your favourite show on Netflix with a pile of snacks or building blanket forts to lounge around in all day, we’re sure you can think of lots more!

We’d recommend fresh bedding for the occasion, whether you like a clean and fresh white bed (600 or 1000 Thread Count are the way to go), or super romantic (think faux fur throws or tasseled/ruffle bedding) we have something to suit every bedroom and every couple!

Hopefully, we’ve made our point that Valentines Day isn’t just expensive gifts and fancy nights out – it’s all about being thoughtful and spending time together. Even if you can only fit in one of the above ideas on Valentines Day, we are sure you’ll impress. Mix a few ideas or do them all to be in the good books for the rest of the year!

Most importantly, don’t forget to tell your friends, family and partner how much you love them this Valentines Day!