Futons and Sofa Bed Bases have come a long way from the days of staying on your auntie’s old pull out mattress or crashing on a friend’s cheap futon on the floor after a night out. Natural Bed Company have been making futon mattresses for over 30 years and we believe our current method produces the highest quality, comfiest and all round greatest Futon mattress yet! Our Futon mattresses are firm with a soft outer lining, meaning they are comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. For more information on our Futon Mattress (such as how our futons are made, size options and how long they take) take a look out Our Futon Mattresses Blogs.

How often do you actually use your spare bedroom? Other than accommodating the occasional guest, or being used as a dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t want cluttering the rest of your house, our spare bedrooms are often barely used and aren’t as well loved as they should be. In this blog we have a few ideas on how you can make the most of your spare room – injecting life into your unused guest bedroom with the use of a Futon Mattress and Sofa Bed or Bed Base.

When your friends and family come to stay after a night out, dinner party or just a good old fashioned catch up, the sofa bed easily converts into a bed base with a luxury futon mattress. They take up less space and can be used much more frequently than a full bed base; the possibilities for how you could use the extra space are amazing!

Snug/Second TV Room/Teen Space

Sick of debating with your other half over what to watch on telly? Your kids fighting about who claimed the living room first for their group of friends? End the arguments by putting a sofa bed base in your spare room with a new or old TV. This creates a new usable room for the whole family and keeps everyone happy.

Spare bedrooms are often smaller than standard bedrooms, so this will give the space a really cosy vibe – perfect for shutting the curtains and putting a film on for a cinema night at home! Kids can use the space for a little independence with their friends and keep the noise in one room. You could also use this second TV room as a little retreat room, escape the stress of the outside world for a couple of hours and have a little me time. Our Futon mattresses are so comfortable you can binge watch Netflix in style and comfort.

Complete the cosy feel with some throws, coffee table (which can double up as guest bedding and bedside table for when you convert the sofa bed base into a bed) and scented candles.

Dressing Room/Wardrobe Space

Now that you have all this new space from swapping your old bed base for a sofa bed and futon, you have room for extra storage. We love the Totem Clothes Rails for hanging all your Summer/Winter/Party clothes and making more space in your bedroom closet. You could also add a dressing table and jewellery storage to complete the pretty and practical dressing room design. When you come home at the end of the night, simply pull the sofa bed base forward and allow the back to drop down, straighten up the futon mattress and you have the easiest place to crash and avoid walking up your partner!

Study/Work Space

If you work from home or find that quite often you end up bringing work home with you, it is nice to separate this from your everyday home life. This gives you a clear work-space to be productive and keeps it separate from the rest of your house. You will feel far more relaxed in an evening, not seeing your work papers out the corner of your eye, when you’re trying to enjoy time with your family or catching up with friends. You can close the door on your home office (and mess) and enjoy your evening and weekends.

The sofa bed base can also be a nice change from sitting in an office chair all day, if you can work on a laptop or tablet this will give you a comfortable area to sit and get on with work without any distractions.

Futon Bed Base

If you preferred, you could also use our Futon Mattresses on a Japanese style futon bed base, we would recommend a low bed such as the Kyoto, Kumo or Kobe without a headboard. This will give the Futon Mattress the air circulation it needs whilst injecting style into your spare room. Low beds take up less space and give the illusion of a bigger space. Add a few cushions to the single bed base to create a beautiful, minimalist day bed that is also handy spare bed.

We hope this has given you some inspiration on how you could upgrade your unused spare bedroom with the use of a Sofa Bed Base and a Futon Mattress. If you would like more information on our Sofa Bed Bases, Futon Mattresses or Futon Bed Bases, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call, email or pop into the Sheffield Showroom to try out a futon mattress and see how we style our sofa bed bases.