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Our Mattress Toppers – Comfort & Cosiness

Over the course of the last year or so we’ve introduced a collection of mattress toppers to our range. These have proven to be a popular addition and we receive regular emails from interested customers wanting further information about each option, how they compare and what make each topper different. With that in mind, I thought I’d run down each mattress topper available to give you all the information when deciding on the right model for you.

As you’d expect from the Natural bed Company, we offer several organic topper options, along others that use predominantly natural materials.

Lets start with the Organic Cotton & Wool Mattress Topper. Made from a combination of cosy New Zealand wool and organic cotton, this topper is usable all year round – with the cotton providing a light, breathable layer in summer and the wool side to help keep you warm in the cold winter months. The mattress topper, filled with a memory-foam like material called Memoform gives you both an extra layer of comfort in addition to your mattress and helps to support you as you sleep, forming to the shape of your body. It is available in 3 sizes- double, king and super-king and suitable for mattresses up to 30cm in depth.

Next up is the Wool Filled Mattress Topper. I would highly recommend this design if you are looking for a more natural option- this mattress topper is hand-made using only natural materials, with the cover consisting of 100% soft cotton flannel and filled with platinum grade British wool. Wool is proven to help regulate body temperature while you sleep, both keeping you warm whilst also ensuring you do not become too hot. The natural wool can also help with allergies and is dust-mite resistant. Like the Organic Cotton & Wool topper, this option adds a softer layer on top of your mattress, which could help if you are finding your mattress slightly too firm but do not want to change it completely.

Now for the organic option – the Organic Cotton Filled Mattress Cover. Thinner than the other models mentioned above, this topper has a light quilted feeling compared to the more substantial wool options. They tend to be popular with customers wanting an organic topper or for those looking for a vegan option. The pads that make up the cover are manufactured using only GOTS and Soil Association Organic Cotton. I would recommend this cover if you are looking to create a natural buffer between yourself and a mattress with a synthetic cover or man-made filling. Compared to the other toppers in the range, the Organic Cotton Filled Mattress Cover is only 1cm thick, against the 3-4cm of the wool filled range. As a result, this option isn’t intended soften a too-firm mattress. Along with the standard double, king and super-king options, this topper is available in a single size, ideal if you want to use only natural materials in a child’s bed and mattress.

There is also an organic cotton filled duvet, organic kapok filled pillows and organic mattress protectors in this collection. If you were looking for something even thinner than the Organic Mattress cover, something that wouldn’t affect the firmness of a mattress that is already perfect for you, take a look at the Organic Cotton Mattress Protector. Made from purely organic cotton, this option, as the name suggests, will help protect your mattress, offer similar benefits to the topper above and keep your mattress stain free whilst also helping to keep allergies at bay.

Finally, lets take a close look at the Reversible Coolmax and Wool Mattress Topper. Made by the same manufacturer that produces the popular Waterlattex mattress, the topper uses some of the same materials and technology- utilizing the Coolmax fabric for the outer layer of the non-wool side to help regulate body temperature whilst sleeping. At 3cm thick, the topper gives a feeling of support in addition to your mattress and like other options mentioned here, can help to soften the feel of a firm mattress.

If you would like to take a closer look at our range of mattress toppers in person and try them out on one of our mattresses, we have the full collection available to view at our Sheffield showroom. We try to keep stock of the more popular sizes but if we had to order a topper from the manufacturer this normally doesn’t take very long.