Here at Natural Bed Company, this is a question we get asked time and time again, especially at this time of year – will you be having a sale soon? Will this item be in your January sales? If I wait, will it be reduced in the New Year? And, in short, the honest answer is no. We’re really sorry, but we just can’t do sales in the way that some other retailers may. There are a few different factors that contribute to this; in this post I will go through them individually to, hopefully, help you understand why we don’t have sales and give you a better insight into the kind of company we are!

First and most importantly, all of our bed bases are hand-made to order. This allows us to ensure that each of our bed bases is made to the highest quality and no part of the bed is just pulled from a shelf. Even the timber is ordered in specifically for each customer’s bed! This gives us an opportunity to offer a huge range of sizes and timbers, and also the ability to customize the bed bases if our customer requires an alternation to one of our designs. (Shorter headboard? Taller legs? U.S or European sizes? No problem!)

All this means that we don’t hold large quantities (if any!) of stock that to sell off at a reduced price. This leads me onto my next point…

We don’t have large mark ups on our beds. Unlike other companies where products may be mass-produced at a cheaper rate, a team of local craftsmen make our beds by hand here in Sheffield. Each bed is made, from start to finish, by one woodworker, giving them a sense of ownership over their work and a responsibility to the customer. Our beds are not made in large quantities fed through machines, or by workers who potentially aren’t treated/paid fairly for their time and skills. All of our bed bases are also made with quality, sustainably sourced timber from carefully managed forests in North America and Scandinavia. By using this wood, rather than cheaper cuts or endangered species, this ensures that we are doing our part to actually help these projects and forests grow and in turn, looking after our planet.

With this in mind, I’m sure you can see that there isn’t really room to take massive discounts from our own products. What we hope to do is price every bed fairly throughout the year, so you can be sure that you are paying the right price whatever time of the year. There’s none of the worry that if you just waited until – whenever – that you could have saved money.
Our beds come with a manufacturing guarantee of 12 years, our beds are an investment and built to last.

You may occasionally see a Sale Bed on our website, these will be slightly reduced and available at a quicker lead-time as the bed was already made for display, or photography, in our showroom. When we’re ready for a change around and want to display a different design, one of our ex-display beds is advertised as a “Sale Bed”. Keep checking our sale beds page for the latest offer.

When it comes to items made by other businesses, again, we don’t have the large discounted sales that big name brands, that bulk buy, may have. We order small quantities of products from brands we love, store them in our Sheffield Showroom and pack and post them out by hand once ordered by a customer. Other, bigger, companies that store their stock in warehouses may order products by the hundreds (or thousands!) getting a huge discount from the large manufacturers and having plenty of mark-up to sell off in January at a much lower price.
If we do receive a seasonal special offer from a supplier we pass this on to the customer. Sometimes you may also find end-of-line special offers or discounts on bedding – so it’s worth keeping an eye on our sale bedding pages.

I hope this small post has been helpful and provided a bit of clarity on why we don’t partake in the usual Black Friday/January/Summer or any other sales! If you are looking to order a number of beds please give do us a call and we’ll see if we can help at all with a little discount.

If you have any further questions on this topic please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone, email or pop into our Sheffield Showroom!