The bathroom is an important room for our wellbeing. This is the space where we often get ready for our day, unwind at night, and prepare for bed. So having a bathroom design that reflects your style and personality is essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

We all love spending time in hotels – someone tidying your room for you each day, tea and coffee within reaching distance of your bed, and, of course, fresh, fluffy towels in a sleek and clean bathroom! The first two may not always be possible but why settle for anything less than an Instagram-worthy bathroom at home?

Hotel Chic

Recreate this look at home with our Cotton Towels in White or Grey – luxuriously soft thanks to their weave texture, and available in a range of sizes and colours. Mix in shiny metal accessories like the Poise Two Tier Storage Tray and Strum Wall mounted rack (perfect for magazines and books next to the bath!). Finish the look by displaying minimal and stylish (looking and smelling!) toiletries such as the Chalk range – available in either Lime and Herb or Black Pomegranate.

Modern Monochrome

Monochrome is a trend that will never go out of style. The perfect fit for this design is the Black and White towels; with their simple, contemporary patterns they are a standout feature in any space. Style them with Dark Oak Wireworks storage trays, or black Metal such as the Mirror with Shelves for a true monochromatic look. Alternatively, add elements of Natural Oak to bring in some warmth. We love the Wireworks natural Oak Cage Laundry basket to keep your space looking minimal and clean (no more excuses for your kids to leave dirty clothes on the floor!)

Fresh and Bright

Want to give your all white bathroom a quick makeover but don’t have the time, energy or funds to rip everything out? Try adding on-trend blush pink towels to your space to inject a subtle but stylish colour into your bathroom. If pink is too girly for you, try pairing them with Espresso towels for a more grown-up look. Add extra shelf space with a Locker in Blush Pink or Slate grey – perfect for storing extra toiletries, towels and bath bombs! Available in both Short or Tall sizes.

Natural Boho

A firm favourite over the past few years is Natural Bohemian style. Mix textures with the fringed Cotton Pique towels in White or Slate and the Organic cotton towels. Style your Natural Oak Bath Bridge with a variety of scented candles (we love the Meraki range for natural scents!), natural toiletries (such as the Mirins gift sets or Meraki Pure range) and at this time of year, don’t forget something scrubby! We love the Exfoliate and Cleanse Set from Meraki for a Natural skin beauty boost!

Dot around a few humidity loving plants such as Ferns, Palms, Monstera or Peace Lily for an extra fresh and bright feel. Grow It Herb Pots are great for placing small plants around without worrying about them breaking, as they’re made of silicone, or over watering, as they have built in drainage.

Hopefully this blog has given you some motivation and inspiration on how you can freshen up a tired bathroom space. Once you’ve restyled you can run yourself a hot bath and admire your personalised space full of your style!

For more bathroom products, see the Bath and Wellbeing section of our website or pop into our Sheffield showroom for more inspiration!