In these worrying and uncertain times it’s rarely been more important to take good care of yourself and find a way to create a place of peace and calm at home. In this blog we’ll take a look at the little ways we can help.

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Make your bathroom a spa like environment

If you are able it’s a great idea to take some time out and make your bathing experience a real treat. Create that ‘spa at home’ feel with some lovely toiletries, towels and a soft cotton or linen robe.
For a real treat you may want to take a look at our Meraki collection, it includes some lovely skin care products such as the targeted foot care set and hand care set. I love their range of face care products too – particularly the face mask and day cream – perfect for sensitive skin.
For the ultimate in relaxation run a hot bath using a Meraki bath melt, light a scented candle, apply a face mask and lie back.

Put a spring in your step

Keeping active and organised is particularly important while the country is in lock-down. From exercising at home or taking that one walk outside a day, to keeping to your usual routine by getting up at a normal time and limiting the Netflix usage (guilty as charged!) we can ensure we keep our energy levels up.
Starting the day with a shower, using zingy and refreshing body wash and a quality salt scrub or exfoliating brush will help wake up the body ready for the day ahead. Check out our body lotions and soft, cosy towels selection too – just what your newly buffed skin will love.

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Get a good night’s rest

Making sure that you have the right combination of mattress, pillows and bedding can work wonders in helping you achieve a good nights rest.
In spring the temperature is variable so we recommend layering your bedding with light-weight options: a low tog duvet, light quilt and/or blanket. This allows you to easily add or remove a layer as needed – if you are too hot, or too cold, you may well suffer from disrupted sleep.
Natural fibres are also a good idea – you want your bedding to be breathable to keep you feeling fresh. Linen is both hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial and linen bedding has natural heat-regulating qualities which makes it feel pleasantly cool on a hot day and warm in cooler weather – perfect!
Ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed will also aid your rest. I’d choose soft cotton pyjamas, a sweet smokey room scent and soft, low lighting. There are lots of options other though!
Our new neck wrap and eye mask sets (in soft cotton jersey or linen) could be really helpful. They are scented with relaxing lavender and can be heated or cooled as desired.