Spring is here and we’re all spending more time indoors than ever before, there’s no avoiding it, it’s time for some Spring cleaning!
We all know that a clean and organised space is important when you’re stuck inside and trying to relax or get on with working from home – here’s a few of our favourite ideas for keeping your space tidy this Spring during lockdown…

Organised Desk

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of little items scattered about my dressing table, perfume bottles, brushes, jewellery, skincare – the list goes on, a good Spring cleaning is needed!
A lot of us are working from home at the moment and whether you have a dedicated work space or your current work station is also your dressing, dining room, or kitchen table, organisation is key to keep that space tidy and keep you calm and productive. I also use these items to keep my dressing table tidy all year round!

Tidy Living Space

The whole family spending more time at home means more mess, it’s inevitable! Make sure you have some easy access storage space to hide all the extra board games, work files, nail varnish, books, knitting or whatever else you’ve been filling your days with during lockdown!
We love the metal Lockers for alternative storage in any room, available in a range of colours so you’re sure to find one that matches your scheme! If you’re after something more natural looking, you can’t go wrong with Ethnicraft, the Monolit or Nordic range are simple yet striking in design and the golden tones of the Oak warm up any space.

Clean Bathroom

If you’re wanting to treat yourself to a bit of a pamper, a clean and tidy bathroom is a must! We like the tiered caddy storage for various shampoos, soaps and cleaning products or even loo roll. A bath bridge is a great home accesory to display your more aesthetically pleasing items like candles and pretty toiletries! Don’t forget a laundry basket to fling all your dirty clothes (or more likely, pyjamas) into. Once you’ve finished your spring clean, you can treat yourself to a bath with a clearer space and mind.

Fresh Bedroom

We’re all under a little extra stress at the moment, a good nights sleep is always important, it’s common knowledge that those of us who don’t sleep as well or don’t get a full nights kip are more stressed and irritable the following day (I can attest to that!)
As well as having a calming nighttime routine avoiding screens, one of the best ways to get a good rest is to keep your bedroom fresh and tidy. Our favourite way to achieve this is with Under-bed Drawers, bedside storage and end of bed storage.

I hope you found a few ideas in this blog for your Spring Cleaning and that you find easier ways to keep your spaces clean and calm and cosy during lockdown!
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