It is starting! The daffodils are out and the air is getting warmer. Soon we will change the clocks and see the days become lighter for longer. Let’s talk spring bedroom decor!

With this in mind it’s a good time to refresh our bedrooms. Recently I have come across the Italian practice of “Cambia L’Aria” which helps to refresh your rooms and assist with sleep. Literally it means ‘change the air’ and involves throwing open the windows to refresh the air in the room and optimize the oxygen inside. To regularly do this for at least 10 minutes in a day, especially on a sunny day really feels cleansing and energising.

meraki botanical diffuser

Fresh & Fragrant

Why not then add a great scent to your room in sea salt or clean washed linen fragrances to further put the winter period in the past? Reed diffusers work well and we have lots of options for you to find the best scent that works for you.

These meraki botanical diffusers with pretty stems inside look just as good as they smell!

Crisp New Bedding

Next tip to embrace and enjoy the onset of Spring is to change to lighter bedding and fresh cotton sheets. Crisp pale pastel or white cotton or linen sheets can look and feel so refreshing.
From luxurious linen to high cotton content bedding we have something for all budgets. Plain or patterned – a new duvet set is a great way to easily update your bedroom scheme for a new season.

linen bedding stack

If you are lucky to have a warmer home you may want to change to a lighter lower tog duvet to make you feel more comfortable at night. Our Botanic duvet is a Vegan option 400gsm in weight with a tog of 4-6. Alternatively our wool filled duvet is 300gsm in weight with a tog of 4-7.

Layering Looks

You may want to still be ready for cooler nights that punctuate the gradual spring warming by having an end of bed quilted throw or blanket that can be unfolded for extra cosiness as required. We have a great range of softest brushed cotton blankets in a range of designs to suit lots of different bedroom styles. 
Very popular are our lightly quilted cotton throws which also come in a wide range of patterns from ditsy prints, to polka dots and paisleys. And if you are not quite ready to put away the opportunity for a good snuggle have a look at some of our softest faux fur options.

Spring Clean

And with our spring bedroom refreshed it’s now time to consider our bodies. Time to start a self-care regime in readiness for wearing lighter clothing and having more skin out in the open!
Find products to exfoliate the dead skin and cleanse and moisturize the new. Meraki make lovely natural body products, try our cleansing gift set or walnut or salt body scrub. By adding a few drops of their self tan drops to one of our natural moisturisers you can start to get a healthy summer ready glow.