Using scents in the form of essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and well-being. They can also be used to aid sleep! If you’re a fan of oil burners or diffusers, these are a great way to utilise essential oils in your daily routine. Alternatively, a lot of candles, soaps and bath products already contain these oils! We thought we’d give a little overview of our favourites and their benefits, to see how you can weave them into your daily routine. 

Scents for Sleep 


The Holy Grail of sleepy scents! Lavender can improve sleep quality, and has been proven to relax you before bed. One of the best ways to experience its benefits are by filling your room with it’s scent. You could light a Scented Woodwick Candle in Smoked Rose, which contains lavender, or you could spritz your room with Chalk Lavender room & pillow spray!

Some people say that rubbing lavender into skin is also a great way to feel calmed and allows for a relaxing massage before bed. Most essential oils cannot be used neat on the skin, and therefore must be diluted. Another way to do this is to use a lotion or cream. Check out these Kew Botanical Scented Hand Care Sets to incorporate lavender into your skin care.

See the bottom of this page for some suggestions on using essential oils.


Another floral favourite, chamomile has been proven to aid in the reduction anxiety levels and therefore calming your mind for sleep. My personal favourite way to incorporate this into my evening is to drink it in a tea before bed (with a little splash of honey!)


Surprisingly citrus! While most citrus scents are known to be invigorating, bergamot is a more relaxing alternative, creating a calming and even scent for sleep. Because of its citrus tone, it appeals to a wide audience because it keeps that ‘clean’ smell, without being sterile. It smells especially good in the Scented Woodwick Candle in Bamboo & Bergamot. 

Why not take a look at our brand new range of sleepy scents from Wxy? We have a range of blended essential oils to help you drift off. These are designed for use in room diffusers to fill your room with relaxing scents. Find them all here.


Valerian has been proven to help with sleep and is a traditional remedy dating back hundreds of years. Sufferers of nighttime anxiety may find this useful, as it can help to soothe a racing mind. I personally have found this useful in the form of bath salts!


A firm favourite in our shower gels, this woody, earthy scent provides a sense of grounding before bed. Perfect for coming back down to earth after a busy day. Found in a variety of our candles, this one is great to use in your living room whilst you’re chilling out before bed. A favourite with customers is the Aery Scented Candles in clay pots. These are super stylish and fill your room with a calming aroma.


This floral scent gives off a sense of calm. Often used as a base in perfume, this flower has been used as a remedy for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a variety of ailments. Check out the Meraki Scented Candle in Sandalwood and Jasmine, or the Wood Wick candle in scent 519 (containing Jasmine, Bergamot & Vanilla) – for a double hit of sleepy scents.


Often people are surprised to see peppermint on a list of scents for sleep, but as it’s hay-fever season, this is a great option for clearing your airways and unblocking nasal passages. It’s not a cure-all, but it can also help with snoring! Find it in Porthouse‘s candles and diffusers in the scent ‘Glory to the English Garden’, or the Aery Botanical Candles in Citrus Tonic.

Honourable mentions

Some other products that I personally think set the mood for sleep are the Meraki Botanical Diffusers – these give off a lovely scent (available in either Vivid Shades or Verbena Drizzle) and the addition of dried flowers gives a natural feel.

ASMR is becoming increasingly popular in aiding sleep and helping people to drift off. Why not pair your ocean wave sounds with a scent to match? Take yourself on a trip to the sea with either the Sea Salt Candle or Diffuser from Mojo, or the Sunsets and Sandcastles scent from Meraki; available as either a diffuser or in various-sized candles.

Using Essential Oils

A great way to utilise essential oils is to use them in massage. However, it’s not safe to use them neat on your skin; always dilute them in a carrier oil. Good options for this are coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Always read the label and take care if you have sensitive skin! Essential oils can also be harmful to babies and pets, so take caution if using them around them.

The introduction of a new scent to help you sleep can be really beneficial to your nighttime routine. Because scent is linked to memory, over time once you start to associate a certain smell with a good night’s sleep, the benefits can be even greater – especially if you’re someone who takes a while to drop off! 

Everyone has a favourite scent! Let us know which one helps you to drift off in the comments below.