It’s all going so fast! It seems like Christmas was only yesterday and now we’re into Valentines Day already. After the mess that was the last two years, now feels like the time to settle down, indulge and treat your loved ones. What better time for this than the 14th of Feb? To help you celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Valentines Day gift ideas from our current range. Read on to fall in love with them…

Breakfast in Bed

I don’t know about you, but this is my favourite treat! Waking up to sunshine through the curtains, cuddled up in bed, and the smell of eggs and freshly brewed coffee. Heaven. If you’re thinking of treating your Valentine this year, breakfast in bed is a great way to go. And, you can make it extra special with just a few simple touches.

Egg Cup Cutie

Cook up a little breakfast-in-bed staple with soft boiled eggs, then pop into this cute little egg cup. Complete with its own spoon and holder, this is a sure-fire way to make Valentines morning special. Also, as an added bonus – the spoon holder makes transporting your egg cup from the kitchen to the bedroom a little easier!

Matching Mugs

These cute little star mugs are the perfect matching set. Pop the kettle on and fill with your partner’s favourite drink, then fill up your own for a match made in heaven. The contrasting design makes for a cute little set, finished off with miniature ceramic spoons.

Wooden Trays

Why not add a bit of extra flair to your breakfast with a couple of serving trays? These make for easy carrying of all your breakfast items, whilst also adding a touch of style and luxury. We’ve pictured our small modern oak serving boards above, but you can find a range of trays here on our website.

If you’ve got a present or special surprise planned, breakfast in bed can be the perfect time to give the gift (or pop the question!) Not only is it a lovely surprise to wake up to, but it’s also a great way to show someone you care, by going to the trouble of preparing everything just for them.

Perfume & Pamper

Little treats can be just as meaningful as grand gestures. Something small like a candle or new perfume can not only be a lovely gift, but can also set the mood for a romantic evening. Candles such as the Aery candles in clay pots are a lovely feature from any room, and come in a range of beautiful scents. You can find them all here along with matching reed diffusers.

Perfume is another great gift. Scent is the strongest link to memory, so the introduction of a new scent can be a great way to remember a special day. These Solid Perfumes (below) are available in a range of gorgeous fragrances; both masculine and feminine. They’re also perfect for keeping on hand in your bag, or at your bedside for easy wearing.

Slippers & Scarves

A gift that they can wear will always be a win. Wearable gifts won’t only be used once, and the receiver will be reminded of the one who gifted it to them, every time they wear it. Soft and cosy slippers make for wonderfully easy presents – who doesn’t love warm toes in a morning? Pick them out in their favourite colour for a personal touch. We’ve pictured our Sustainable Slippers below, but you can find our full range here.

Scarves are another wearable option, and you don’t have to guess their size to get them right! We’re (thankfully) moving out of the winter months, but there’s still a chill in the air. Keep your valentine warm with one of cosy Alpaca Wool Scarves (below) or find our full range here. The ones pictured are not only super soft, but also made with sustainable baby Alpaca wool from cruelty-free sources.

Here at Natural Bed Company, if there’s one thing we’re not short on, it’s cosy blankets and throws. These make for great gifts. Not only in that you can choose them to fit your space, but on Valentines Day, they’re perfect for cuddling up on the sofa!