More and more, we are encouraged to make the switch to buying more sustainable products. In our daily lives, it’s becoming more common to find organic and environmentally-friendly options on the market. But what are the benefits of buying organic? With this question in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some products from our organic cotton range, and explore the reasons why they’re so beneficial.

Benefits of Organic Cotton


Organic cotton is a more sustainable option than other fabrics on the market. Grown using processes that require less energy, its process releases fewer greenhouse gases, meaning less wastage of our natural resources. It is also grown in soil which is not treated with pesticides. This increases the soils natural qualities, and, as a result, the process uses less water than alternative methods.

Sensitive Skin

Manufacturers often treat cotton with chemicals to achieve certain results. Some treatments can occur during the farming process in the form of pesticides. Alternatively, some treatments can occur once the cotton has been harvested. These chemical treatments can cause irritation in those with sensitive skin.

However, organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides. Processes used to treat it are also often without the use of harsh chemicals, meaning they are less likely to cause irritation. Also, organic cotton fibres are often longer, making them not only softer, but sturdier and more hard wearing.


When you purchase a product which is GOTS certified, you can be safe in the knowledge that those who created it are paid a fair living wage. GOTS certifications not only adhere to environmental standards, but also ethical social standards. Many of our organic cotton products have GOTS certification, and we are proud to support their projects.

Our Range

So, now you have an overview of the benefits of organic cotton, why not check out a few of our favourites from the range? These products are ever-increasing in popularity. Not only is there a focus on environmentally-conscious buying, but slow living and a higher regard for quality items are contributing to its appeal.


Organic bedding is one of our most popular requests. We stock a range of organic cotton bedding in a variety of colours and textures. The classic Organic Cotton Bedding range is our staple, but we also stock a Fine Sateen range, which has a softer, almost silky texture. Or, if you’d like a different colour, our Brown Melange bedding is the perfect neutral tone to suit any scheme.

We also stock quite a range of throws. Our favourites at the moment are the Textured Organic Cotton Throws (above) available in three soft shades; rust, grey and soft beige. They are luxuriously soft and gently weighted for wrap-around comfort.


Along with bedding, we also stock a range of organic cotton towels. We have multiple different styles, textures and colours to choose from to match with your bathroom. Our best-sellers are probably the Waffle Towels. These are available in a range of neutral colours, as well as a soft blush pink. They’re unique in their texture, and we think that’s what makes them so sought-after!


Last but not least, we also offer organic loungewear. These pieces are super-soft and luxurious, and available in a range of style and colours. Organic cotton for your loungewear is a great switch to make. Give your skin a break from other materials whilst you relax at home! Take a look at the Fleecy Loungewear sets for the winter months, or Soft T-Shirts and Vests for warmer evenings.

As well as the products mentioned in this post, we also offer organic sprung mattresses. These are available in two different spring counts, and you can find them here on our website.