Ever dreamed of having that luxurious master bedroom? Those ones you see on Pinterest that make you gush over their opulence and style. Or those ones seen in film or on TV, that make you think of holidays the year round. Well, a staple of luxury and grandeur is the classic 4-poster bed. Here at Natural Bed Co, we love a touch of luxury, and we have a range of 4-poster beds designed to suit all different tastes. Learn more about them below.

Modern Style

We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of modern trends and fashions. One of the classic modern styles that shows no signs of going away, is clean lines and soft, geometric shapes. The 4-poster beds in our Orchid range are categorised by this characteristic, the perfect combo for master bedrooms. Despite being ultimately geometric in their composition, the Orchid beds retain a cosy quality. This allows you to bring in that modern style, but without compromising on comfort.

The original Orchid bed is our staple 4-poster, with a full canopy and a sleek headboard. Available in all our hardwood timbers, or deep black oak. The Orchid gave birth to the Highland and Kelham designs. The Highland is an upholstered version of the Orchid, with a padded headboard available in either 70% or 100% wool fabrics. The Kelham offers our signature chevron headboard design in a 4-poster.

For a modern farmhouse style, try pairing the upholstered Highland option with quilted bedspreads and plump cushions. For a more geometric style, try the Black Orchid or Kelham designs, paired with monochromatic bedding and pops of colour brought in by statement walls.

Low 4-Poster

Love the low-bed style? Our Cube bed creates your own personal haven – perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, paired best with comfy throws and a cup of coffee. A low design gives the Cube an almost platform profile, and its canopy and statement headboard add an extra layer of luxury.

Master bedrooms should be a place of tranquility after long days, or places of rest on days off! The Cube sums this up for us. Offering a touch of privacy thanks to the posts; a comfortable place to stretch out and relax. You could bring in your own style with the bedding and throws, of course, but also with drapes or hangings for the posts or canopy. Use dense, patterned fabrics for a traditional 4-poster look, or opt for light mesh or soft netting for a more airy, lightweight style.

Contemporary Tradition

We have two beds here at NBC that stand out amongst the rest. Our Hatfield and Rajasthan 4-posters. An instant statement for any master bedroom, these styles are tough to beat.

The Rajasthan harks back to our roots as a company. The first owners of Natural Bed Company travelled all over India, and held it very close to their hearts. Many of our designs are influenced by Indian aesthetics and traditions, but none so much as the Rajasthan. Characterised by details on the corners of both the feet and the canopy, this bed brings together the modern and traditional. You can find more Indian style beds here on our website.

The Hatfield is our most bold and striking design. A 4-poster without a canopy, this bed is set apart by its tapered posts and elegant lines. Designed by our workshop manager especially for our customers, this bed bears his name and wears it with pride.

For a master bedroom style, pair this bed with contemporary boho pieces such as fringed cushions, knotted throws and bold patterns. You’re sure to achieve that modern, homely style with a scattering of houseplants thrown in for good measure!

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at our 4-poster beds. You can find the full range here on our website. We deliver all our beds for self-assembly, even our 4-posters – they’re that simple! You can find out more about assembly here or please get in touch with us if you have any questions.