Though our main focus at Natural Bed Co. is aimed at the bedroom, we also carry a line of luxury bathroom products. Many of us spend more time in the bathroom during the summer – often using the shower or bath to cool off on those warmer evenings! So why not treat yourself to a spa experience at home? In this article, we take a look at some of our favourite bathroom products to help you do just that.

Toiletries & Skincare

The first thing on your list to create a home spa experience should be the products you use on your body. These can elevate a daily routine to an indulgent pamper session. Recently, we’ve started working with luxury skincare brand, Sevin. Based in London, many of Sevin’s products are crafted with natural ingredients to give you the best nature has to offer. Not to mention, most are vegan and all are cruelty free.

In this range, you’ll find body washes, skin lotions and shampoos. However, I personally think that higher feeling of indulgence comes from the extra products you don’t use every day. Take a look at Sevin’s luxe hair and body oils; ideal for use on the skin or hair, even on the face, this little blend of miracle oils has a multitude of uses and leaves your skin and hair feeling nourished. Or, treat yourself to Sevin’s gorgeous natural soaps. Handmade in Turkey, these soaps are individually poured to give a rustic, wavy finish – no two are the same! They’re available in a range of unique scents, perfect for spa day vibes.

Another favourite of ours, available in deep, herbal fragrances, are the relaxing collections from Aery. Available in either ‘Before Sleep’ or ‘Heavily Meditated’ scents, these collections feature diffusers, candles, pillow sprays and bath salts. The latter of course being a spa-time staple!

You can also find our full range of body care and toiletries just here.


Once you’ve got your spa treatments all lined up, next up is creating a relaxing atmosphere. We all know the essentials – candles, relaxing music, maybe some nice chocolates… but have you thought about the practicalities? In this case, we don’t think there’s a better option than a bath bridge. Take a look at the Oak Bath Bridge (available in two finishes), or the Bamboo Bath Bridge. Both from Wireworks, these handy beth shelves are ideal for keeping bottles, books or even a cheeky glass of something on hand while you’re in the tub!

If it’s the essentials you’re after, you can’t do better than a couple of gorgeously scented candles. My top tip is to splurge on that one delicious scent you know you love, then add some less expensive, unscented tea lights to fill the room without spoiling the fragrance. Some of our favourite scents can be found in the ranges from Mojo, Woodwick and Aery. We’ve also just introduced two new scented candles to our range from Sevin. Available in their signature fragrances; Porcelain White & Marble Black. You can find those just here.

Take a look at our full range of candles and room scents here, before popping on your favourite lo-fi playlist.

Towels & Robes


One of the first things I think of when I think of the spa is those super soft towels. To help create that spa experience at home, you need to be able to wrap yourself in luxury. Opt for materials such as linen or pure cotton for maximum softness.

We carry a range of towels. If you’re looking for something unique, why not take a look at the Organic Cotton Towels selection? These towels are crafted using organic cotton, super absorbent and feature a soft, deep pile. Or, try these new Super Soft Cotton Towels from Sevin. These are the finest, lightest towels we’ve ever tried! Not to mention, they offer a cloud-like softness that effectively dries the skin in the most gentle way.

You can find our full range of towels here on our website.


Once you’ve dried off, the last step is to step into a luxurious robe. Materials such as linen and cotton not only enhance that indulgent experience, but also allow your skin to breathe. Moreover, if you’re hoping to apply any lotions following a bath or shower, a lightweight robe is ideal. Thanks to a lighter material, they don’t sit so heavy on the skin, allowing your moisturisers to soak in. Plus, they’re wonderful for summer time!

In particular, we love the Soft Cotton Kimono Robes from Chalk – available in pure white or dusky pink. Or, take a look at the Pure Organic Linen or Soft Cotton robes, both made in luxuriously lightweight fabrics.

You can also take a look at our full range of nightwear and robes here.

Top off your luxury home spa experience by climbing into sumptuous cotton or linen sheets. Or, find our full range of bedding just here. (You didn’t think we could go one blog post without mentioning bedding, did you?)

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