Want to sleep better during these warm summer nights? With August well underway and temperatures not cooling off anytime soon, we thought we’d go through some of our favourite tips to keep you cool during the night!

Keep your bedroom cool

This might seem like an obvious one, but, how do we achieve this?
Keep blinds and curtains closed throughout the day, this keeps those warm summer rays outside and temperatures inside a little lower. If the weather allows, keep your windows open for any available breeze. As the night draws in the temperature generally cools considerably – a couple of hours of cool air circulating before bed-time should help you drift off (even if you need to close your windows just before bedtime to any avoid noise from outside).
When it is particularly hot (during the day when the temperature outside may be warmer than inside), it’s best to keep those closed and retain your slightly cooler air. If you have a fan, use this to circulate the air and keep a soft breeze over your bed.

Bedding to help you sleep better

Our go-to bedding choice in the summer months would always be linen. A lightweight and natural Flax fabric which helps regulate temperature with its increased breathability. It also has a naturally relaxed wrinkled look, which means its also very low maintenance and less effort to make your bed look beautiful day to day! We stock linen from a few different suppliers in a range of soft and contemporary colours – from greys and ecru to sage green or pink.

A flat sheet is preferable in most warmer climates, giving you a light covering without trapping in too much of your body heat. However, if you don’t have one of these already, you can simply use your duvet cover without a duvet at all. Alternatively, a light bedspread such as the light linen blend bedspread would be another good choice! If you do need the weight of a duvet to sleep, we’d recommend something lightweight like the low tog cotton filled duvet. Natural fibres tend to be the most breathable!

Our last little tip in the bedding department – place your duvet cover/pillowcases in a bag in the fridge/freezer a little while before bed. A blast of cool against your skin as you’re drifting off – bliss!

Bring your body temperature down

Probably the most important advice (for all day while the weather is hot) would be keep your body temperature down. If you can keep cool all day, you will probably sleep better at night!

The most obvious being to keep hydrated with lots of cool water. I find keeping a carafe at the side of my bed means I can keep topped up throughout the night. A cold shower in the evening is also a great way to cool down before bed. Use a fresh and light body wash like the Chalk range in amber glasses, available in Lime and Herb or Black Pomegranate to feel clean and refreshed. Then, hop into something baggy and breathable like the Midi or Maxi linen lounge dresses.
Did you know you can also put some hot water bottles into the freezer? The Yuyu is the perfect companion for warm or cool weather. Simply fill with cold water from the tap and put in the freezer, once frozen you can strap it to your body or place in your bed to keep in nice and cold throughout the night.

A Relaxing bedtime routine

Okay, so you might not feel like your usual night-time bath and a cup of tea, but the rest of your routine can stay much the same! Turn electronics off – this helps you wind down mentally whilst also keeping residual heat to a minimum. Use your favourite Essential oils and diffuser or a Lavender pillow spray to chill out and aid a restful sleep. Grab a book (some people suggest reading about colder climates/settings can make you feel al little cooler!) and get settled in.

Now you’re all prepared to hopefully sleep better during these warmer months! Do you have any other tips not included here?
Everything linked above can be purchased directly through our website or picked up from our Sheffield showroom if you need something quicker! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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