Here at Natural Bed Company, we know that it can sometimes be difficult find the right mattress for you. There is so much choice out there – with varying firmness ratings, foam or sprung options, a huge range of materials for covers and fillings. It really can be quite the process when it comes to searching for the perfect mattress!
In the hope that I can provide a little clarity, I’ll be going through the soft-medium mattresses within our range…

Moon Medium

The Moon Medium is a great value foam mattress with a soft-medium rating. The Moon has a 14cm ‘Orthosoft’ core, a natural cotton/polyester outer casing and comes rolled and vacuum packed. This mattress is ideal for those with lighter body weights or for those who just simply like a softer feeling mattress!

Although this mattress is softer than many of our other foam mattresses, I’d still describe this as having a soft to medium level of firmness. I did find that I sank a little more into this mattress than that of the Moon Firm, but still felt supported. (For reference, I am 5’6 and weigh around 9½ stone).

The Weldbank Range

Next in our selection of soft-medium mattresses is the Weldbank range. These are available in a few different spring counts – 1000, 1500, 2500. Layered with English fine spun cotton, poly-cotton, Elkbond and Hampshire Wool. These pocket-sprung mattresses are chemical-free and are of a medium level of firmness. The individually nested springs work independently from one another, contouring to the body to give a good level of support.

The first point to begin with is that the spring count doesn’t necessarily give an indication to the level of firmness in a mattress! Although a higher spring count can give an extra level of support, the degree of tension itself is determined more by the type of spring. The thickness of the spring and how tightly the springs themselves are wound will impact on tension.

Although I do find that each of these mattresses do have a nice medium level of firmness, the 1000 does feel softer towards the edges than that of the 1500 and 2500. However, it does have a very nice level of support when laid down. Each of these mattresses do let you to sink into them slightly, while still feeling very supportive overall. They do feel like the perfect in-between of soft and firm!

Westgate 4000

The Westgate 4000 incorporates 1000 fully sized pocket springs (based on a king size mattress). There are a further 3000 smaller, body contouring pocket springs that provide extra support. This mattress is layered with breathable English spun cotton, Hampshire Wool, silk and cashgora (a luxurious angora and cashmere hybrid).

The Westgate is available in two firmnesses – medium and firm! The medium does feel slightly firmer than that of the Weldbank mattresses above, but does feel notably softer from the firm option. It still offers a great level of support. There is also an option for a soft rating, which although not currently on display in our showroom, can be enquired about by getting in touch with our sales team.

This mattress is also available in dual tension! This option is ideal for those sharing a mattress who prefer different firmness ratings. With this option, you can have one side of the mattress in firm and one side in medium.

Organic 1500 & Luxury Organic 3000

The ultimate in our range of soft-medium mattresses are the Organic 1500 and Luxury Organic 3000. These luxurious pocket-sprung mattresses are chemical free, and are made from 90% organic materials. These materials include organic wool, cotton and flax, as well as an organic wool-cotton blend ticking.

The 1500 model (1500 springs based on a king-size mattress) is available in medium and firm, as well as dual-tension. (As mentioned above, this means you can have a mattress with 2 tensions e.g. the left side is firm while the right side has a medium tension – ideal for couples). The 3000 spring is available in a wide range of tensions: soft, medium, firm and extra firm. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the space to have all options availale to try in our showroom! We do have the medium and firm available to try in both the 1500 and 3000 spring counts. These can be ordered in the soft or extra firm.

I feel that the medium firmness does offer a great level of support in both mattresses. However, I would say that the 1500 does feel a touch softer than the 3000. The 1500 does feel slightly more cushioned. It allows you to sink into the mattress a little more, but does still feel very supportive. Although spring counts do not necessarily correlate with how much tension is in the mattress, a higher spring count can certainly provide a different feel. Mattresses with more springs generally contour to the body slightly more.

We would always recommend popping into our showroom to try a mattress before buying, as the feel of a mattress can feel very different from person to person. Many different factors can change how a mattress may feel from one person to the next, such as weight, height and overall personal preference.

I do hope that this blog has been helpful in breaking down the different soft-medium mattresses we have to offer! Please note, all of the mattresses discussed above can be found at our showroom in Sheffield.