This year has been seen record-breaking high temperatures across the UK. We don’t know about you, but here at Natural Bed Co, we love summer weather. We’ve donned our sandals and and sunglasses and we’re enjoying the sunshine. (We know the high temperatures can be a bit of a pain whin it comes to sleeping; take a look at our recent blog Tips for Sleeping Cool in Warm Weather for some advice on beating the heat.) However, in this blog, we’re embracing all things summertime with tips on how to style your bedroom for summer. Take a look at our top summer bedroom looks for 2022.

Boho Style

Bohemian style originated in the 19th century as a way to rebel against rigid, modern traditions. The Bohemians rallied against Victorian-era ideals, and made their own fashion based on older clothing styles of the past. Elements that characterise the Boho style are often inspired by eastern culture. The below image shows our Rajasthan bed base – inspired by traditional Indian carving – styled with a Boho look in mind.

A wonderful choice for summer bedroom looks, Bohemian style offers the chance to explore pattern, texture and materials. Most often, Boho looks feature warm, natural tones such as earthy browns, greens, oranges or black and white.

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Below, we’ve styled our Rajasthan bed with a neutral base, accented with black and white patterns. This gives a cosy feel, but is still summery thanks to an overall light and airy vibe. The bedding we’ve used is the Brown Melange organic cotton bedding, styled with Andas pillows and matching Andas throw. Alternatively, take a look at the Woven Boho Cotton throw; just as good a match for this look.

Moreover, we’ve used luxe black lanterns on the bedsides for a traditional-meets-modern vibe, and housed pillar candles inside for extra cosiness. On the right, we’ve also added a peshtemal towel/throw on a ladder shelf for ease of use and a touch of style.

Some more of our favourite Boho accessories are pictured below. Our top tip for this look is to keep a simple, neutral base, then style it with pops of pattern and colour. Match with wooden bedroom furniture, ladder shelves and lots of plants for classic, mid-century Boho vibes. You can also add other items such as tasseled rugs, throw cushions and art prints to further enhance the look and bring in your own personal style.

Rustic Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a relatively new term with timeless connections. Over the last few years, online trends have shown a rising interest in the homely, the enchanting and the folkloric. Cottagecore is a call to a rustic, simpler time inspired by small, cosy living. It’s often characterised by texture and pattern over colour – think quilted throws, stonework, raw wood and soft upholstery.

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This look can be achieved with simple layering. We love pairing thin bedspreads with lightweight throws for summer so you can layer-up and de-layer as needed! Below, we’ve styled our Hathersage bed base with rustic vibes in mind. As a base, we’ve used the new Rustic Fringed Bedspread in the colour stone. This gives a homespun feel and offers a textured background, made with 100% cotton.

Next, we’ve layered the Soft Basket Weave throw in white over the top of a Printed Cotton Quilted throw. The latter is in the colour ‘Cream Floral‘ and gives heaps of cottage-y vibes. To finish off, we’ve piled two cushions in Linen Cushion Covers, along with a Woven Stripe Cushion to give a full, comfortable look. Plus, we’ve added a Porthouse candle, a cute vase and some plants to the bedside table for a final touch.

The accessories pictured also feature our new Wall-mounted Candleholder which can be found here. For matching accessories, also see the matching Set of 2 Rustic Candleholders. The silver candlesticks pictured on the RH bedside can be found here.

Some more of our favourite rustic/cottagecore accessories are pictured below. Our top tip for creating this look at home is to use simple layering in complimentary patterns and colours. Try a thin bedspread such as the Vintage Look Reversible Bedspread or Rustic Fringed Bedspreads for the base – these offer traditional patterns and textures to build upon. Top with a flowing, airy throw to create depth, or finish off with a Quilted Throw. The latter are our go-to cottagecore blankets, available in a variety of colours and patterns to suit your taste. They’re an easy way to create this look in your home, and even look great on their own over a plain-colour duvet set.

Matching Monochrome

When we think of monochrome, we often think of black and white. However, this term actually refers to a spectrum of the same colour; variations in tone and shade of the same hue. A wonderful way to style your home at any time of the year, this design is particularly fun to splash across your whole room scheme, and makes for a wonderfully cohesive look.

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Below, we’ve styled our Arran bed base with monochrome in mind. Our chosen tone was greens; sage green bedding with matching lowdown locker, a headboard upholstered in Amatheon Seaglass fabric and countless throws in complimentary green tones! See our other bedroom inspiration post; Greens, Blue & The Arran Bed Base, for a full breakdown on how we achieved this look.

We’ve added neutral accessories to our bedsides to compliment the colours used in the below look. Take a look at our Humble LED lights for a cute little bedside lamp option, or find our full range of candles & diffusers here. See if you can match the scent to the vibe of your room!

Some more of our favourite monochromatic green accessories are pictured below. Our top tip for creating this look is to grab yourself a paint swatch chart from your local hardware store; these have colours readily laid out for you in a monochromatic format! Simply pick your favourite colour and see what shades compliment it. You can find our full range of bedding just here, and you can filter by colour for ease of finding your chosen hue.

Duvet Sets & Patterns

A quick and easy way to change up your bedroom for summer is with a fresh new duvet set. We offer a range of sets in a myriad of materials. Most of our patterned sets are 100% cotton (full details on each product page), and our plain sets are available in cotton, organic cotton and linen.

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Opt for a duvet set with a bit of pattern to recreate one of our summer bedroom looks. Below, we’ve styled our Highland bed base with the Wild Flower Print duvet set. This set has heaps of spring-into-summer vibes, with a celebration of colourful, delicate flowers to the front, and a pale beige print to the back. We’ve also added a Cosy Flecked Throw for an added extra layer to bring out the colours.

On the RH bedside, we’ve also added plants and flowers to compliment the floral print on this duvet set. On the LH bedside, you’ll find the LED Task lamp in white, along with the match floor lamp on the far right – a lovely pair! You can find both here.

Below are some more of our favourite duvet sets. Take a look at the Botanical Green duvet set for refreshing green tones and a traditionally-illustrated botanical print. Or, see the Riad or Arches sets for a more neutral look. These offer a simpler colour palette, easy to match with existing colour schemes. Our top tip for styling duvet sets is to fold down the top of your duvet. That way you get to see both complimenting designs on show at all times. In the heat, try adding a thin throw or bedspread, folded over the top. This also allows you to alternate between a full duvet or light bedspread to sleep under, depending on the temperature.

Natural Neutrals

Last but not least, we take a look at by far the most popular colour group; the neutrals. Neutral is very in fashion at the moment, but often with a natural spin. With the pandemic leaving a wake of both chaos and calm, nature and tradition seem to be threaded into every trend we see at the moment. Both are familiar topics that we find comfort in, so it makes sense we would turn to them in times of stress. We hope they’re here to stay and welcome the styles they bring with open arms!

Get the Look

Below, we’ve styled our Bloomsbury bed base in a heap of natural neutrals. The newest addition to our Bloomsbury range, this bed base boasts a faux leather headboard in the colour Saddle. To match the look of this bed, we’ve styled it with our Two Tone furniture range. For the bedding, we’ve used our Organic Linen bedding in the colour Stone, then topped with a Luxury Recycled Wool throw in the colour Bitter Chocolate. Then, we’ve accented a Reversible Abstract throw in brown over the top, and finished off with a pair of oblong cushions with Brown Stripe Cushion covers.

Our Two Tone range of bedroom furniture is available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your space. They’re also great for pairing with neutral colour schemes as they bring both light a dark accents. You can find the full collection here on our website.

Below are some more of our favourite neutral items. Our top tip for styling neutrals is to keep it simple. Natural, organic or pure materials tend to be more expensive, so we suggest investing in a few select pieces that you know you can style the year round. A luxe linen duvet set and maybe one or two complimentary throws can be a staple for your bedding look. You can mix and match neutrals easily thanks to their basic shades, so you can take your time and grow your collection. Find out full range of organic items (including bedding) here on our website.

How do you style your room for summer? Let us know if you’ve tried any of our products or tips over on our Instagram or Facebook pages. Or, check out our Pinterest page for even more summer bedroom looks.