In the wake of the madness of the last few years, we move into 2023 with tentative hope. We’re hoping for a fun one, and a relaxing one – no alarms and no surprises please! One thing we can at least be certain of is that some of our favourite trends are sticking around, and some are even evolving. Something that is grabbing our attention is the rise of personality in design trends. Heirlooms, memorabilia and nature continue to be running themes for interiors. With this in mind, we thought we’d explore some of the of design trends we’re most excited about for 2023.

Slow Living & Sustainability

Slow living is a relatively new term. Coined to describe a more authentic and relaxed way of life, it has seeped into many trends over the last couple of years. Modern brands focus more on ethicality, sustainability and quality, rather than fast, disposable products. It encourages consumers to wait for that perfect item, rather than choosing what is available right now. It also goes hand in hand with sustainability. Utilising natural and environmentally conscious materials often creates better quality outcomes, and encourages a more ethical lifestyle. As we move into 2023, this is one trend that we know will be sticking around, as there seems a modern awareness of the need for these things.

Slow living & sustainability remains our favourite trend of the last few years. It not only sits perfectly in line with our company ethos, but also has inspired more customers to turn to smaller businesses and more businesses to make a positive change.

All our beds are handmade locally at our Sheffield workshop and we only source our timber from sustainably managed forests. We also work with many UK and European brands with a focus on creating environmentally friendly products.


On the same theme, interest in local and artisan made products continues to rise. Small businesses are now more at the forefront of peoples’ minds. I like to think this is potentially influenced by the takeover of online shopping over the last decade. Online shopping is easy, convenient and allows smaller businesses like our own to reach people they would not normally be able to (something we are very grateful for!) But there’s nothing like seeing something you love in person. Finding that one perfect item in a real place; that you can pick up and hold with your hands.

This feeling is only enhanced by knowing that that special thing has been made locally by human hands. This is reflected in the choices made for homewares and furniture trends. There is a focus on raw materials, imperfect finishes and one-of-a-kind items. Why not consider popping to your local marketplace or visiting an independent retailer next time you’re looking to do a homeware haul?

Sheffield in particular is full of local artisans and makers. Some of our favourites who craft their homewares and furnitures by hand are Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens & POTTERY WEST. Follow the links to check out their wonderful wares.

Meaningful Accessories

Something I’m personally trying to implement in my own home is the use of meaningful accessories and homewares. This not only allows you to display things that are of sentimental significance (rather than storing them away in the top of the wardrobe), but also encourages you to curate your space with the things you most want on display. Maybe it’s heirlooms passed down that you could frame or hang on the wall. Or, maybe you’ve unearthed an old vase in the attic that you forgot you loved. Give it a clean and a fresh new spot on the dining room table.

Meaningful doesn’t necessarily mean sentimental, either. You could also take meaning from the pieces that you’re just inexplicably drawn to. These could also be new items you’ve purchased or things you’ve spent time on creating. A great way to incorporate meaning in your display items is to commission a local artist or maker.

Etsy and Folksy are fantastic places to find original art and handmade items. If you’re into antiques, you could also try your hand at up-cycling a forgotten piece of furniture to craft your own meaningful item. Displaying things you’re proud of and bring you joy makes for wonderful, personal interior design. It’s one of my favourite design trends for 2023.

Dedicated Design

Tying everything together from this post is the idea of dedicated design. The spaces in our home are always designed with a purpose in mind. The kitchen for making meals, the living room for relaxing, the bedroom for sleeping. However, there has been a growing interest in the idea of dedicated design for our hobbies. Music rooms, art studios and home offices all fall neatly into this category. But again, the idea is always to make them feel personally curated by us, with our favourite things.

Create a space that allows you to feel connected with and spend time on your passions. Use the ideas of meaningful, sustainable design throughout all areas of the home, but take extra care on the spaces specially designed for you.

Home should be a place to relax and explore our passions, surrounded by the people and things we love the most. A lovely sentiment to keep in mind when designing your own passion project space.

What’s your favourite design trend for the upcoming new year? We’re so excited to see what the new year brings and get stuck into putting these design trends for 2023 into practice. Take a look at our Pinterest board for Bedroom Trends we love!