Here at Natural Bed Company, beds are our bread and butter. Though we stock a wide range of products from bedding and blankets to lighting and homewares, our handmade wooden beds are what we’re known for. In this article, we explore some of the benefits of buying a wooden bed frame from us.


The very top of our list of priorities as a business, and often as individuals, is sustainability. All the timbers we work with in creating our wooden beds are sourced from sustainably managed forests. This means that the timber suppliers ensure a selection of the trees within these forests are allowed to fully mature before they are felled. In turn, this process means that the natural environment has chance to benefit from these fully grown trees as they complete their life cycle.

Our beds are only made from certified sustainable timbers. We source our pine from Scandinavia and our beech from Northern Europe. Our maple, cherry, oak and walnut comes from Northern USA and Canada. You can find out more about our timbers just here.


Tying in nicely with sustainability is durability. In order to be more sustainable, we are all encouraged to buy less and instead invest in higher quality items. Each one of our beds comes with a 12 year manufacturing warranty. However, we have often had customers get in touch with stories of them lasting even longer. Designed to last, our beds are strong and sturdy and made from the highest quality materials. 

Moreover, we try to keep our designs simple and minimal, without too much focus on changing trends. With this in mind, your bed will stand the test of time in terms of not only strength, but also style.

Bringing the Outside In

A concept mainly found in Scandinavian interiors, bringing nature into your home is a wonderful way to connect to the outside world. It’s proven science that being in nature and experiencing the great outdoors can do wonders for your mood. Introducing natural materials into your home can be a great way to achieve this concept indoors. Plus, the tones and textures of our wooden bed frames lend themselves just beautifully to any type of interior design.

Supporting Local Craftsmanship

If you’ve been looking into buying a wooden bed frame, it’s likely you’ve come across the benefits of investing in these items before. We like to think that what sets us apart is the people behind our products. Lovingly made in our Sheffield workshop, every bed we make is overseen by an individual member of our team. When you receive your Natural Bed Company order, you’ll also get a card letting you know which member of our team has made your bed. 

When you buy a wooden bed frame from us, you’re not only getting a handmade piece of furniture, you’re also supporting a growing small business! You can find out more about our workshop team just here.

We hope this has given you a bit of insight into the benefits of buying a wooden bed frame. Of course, if you have any more questions, you can always contact us or find us on Facebook and Instagram.