After many years of grey and neutral interiors, colourful home decor is coming back in a big way! From accent walls to custom furniture, we’re loving seeing these bold choices and personality return to lots of spaces. Read on to see a few of our favourite colourful home accessories to add pops of vibrant colour all around your home!

deep walnut wood hand crafted Camden bed with an oiled finish shown with yellow ochre bedding


From duvet sets to bedspreads and throws, bedding is the simplest way to add a large area of colour to your bedroom. Bedroom colours can range from cool and calm muted pastels or rich and warm cosy deep shades. Whatever suits you best!

We’re currently loving the Ochre or Storm Blue Egyptian Cotton bedding as a colourful base. Alternatively, something like the Fern Green Pure Linen bedding or Pink Pure Linen bedding for something slightly more neutral leaning. The simple textures here make a great starting point to add extra layers, textures and colours! If you’re looking for more of a dramatic impact, you could try some patterned duvet sets such as the Colourful Dots bedding set, Soft Green Botanical Duvet Set or the Pink Blossom Reversible Duvet set.
Finding matching items can be as easy as picking a few colours out of these sets as your base and highlight shades!

The ever popular range of Plain Soft Quilted Throws are great for easy layering in multitude of shades. For something a bit more modern, check out the


We carry a range of stylish and comforting lighting solutions, including bedside lamps, task lights and occasional lighting. We love adding a colourful glow to create an atmosphere that is both playful and cosy.

These portable Colourful Room Lights are perfect to brighten your space. Their tiny profile doesn’t compromise on impact. They have two light modes: a soft, white light for a touch of ambience, or up the atmosphere with colour mode which gently cycles through 7 RGB colours. The two sizes are a great addition to shelves, mantelpieces, side tables or as a nightlight for little ones.
Also available in a sweet Mushroom shape for an extra touch of whimsy. With this style, you can also select a singular colour if you prefer this to the ever changing rainbow. Head to our Instagram profile to see these beauties in action!

Within the realm of glow-y lighting, I can’t not mention candles! Specially, the Aery Glass Candleholders – Designed to hold a tea-light for a colourful glow or pillar candles for elevated presentation. These add a soft pop of colour to any space and would make a wonderful gift. Available in Amber, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Jade and Onyx


A favourite method of creating a colourful home would be to invest in statement furniture pieces. Covering a larger area with your selected colour creates interest, warmth and adds personality to your space. If done well, these additions don’t need to feel loud or ultra modern, they can be more subtle than you think…

Upholstered Beds

Our Upholstered beds combine a solid wooden frame with a cosy fabric headboard in a variety of styles.

The Iona and Arran are great for those looking for a more simple style, whereas the Shetland and Skye are a bit bigger and bolder. The Bloomsbury has a softer mid-century style and the Highland is our show stopping Four poster bed!
You can find more information on these designs in our recent Upholstered Beds – useful information and FAQ’s blog.

Available to order in a variety of neutral and colourful shades. You can see the full range of  AmatheonPoole or Parquet fabrics online and order free samples to see a swatch in person!

Made in uk our Iona low upholstered bed comes in a choice of timber and fabric, and in a full range of bed sizes.


Available in a range of bold and contemporary colours, this range of Lockers make wonderful bedroom storage units. They can also be used in the lounge, bathroom or hallway – wherever you need some useful and stylish additional storage! 

Choose from Tall & Skinny, Lowdown, Midi, Twinny Wardrobe or Shorty bedsides. There’s a shape for any space in your colourful home!

Colours range from muted blush pink and rich mustard yellow to deep navy blue and bold poppy red – you’re sure to find a colour that complements your space and personal style.

I hope this blog has been helpful in seeing how easy it is to create a colourful home! What is your favourite way to add colour to your space? We’d love to hear your ideas.
Of course, you can shop these items online or see a range of these products and more in our Sheffield showroom.