Here at Natural Bed Company, we love Japanese style beds. These simple, low designs create a calm and open space, helping you relax in style. We have a few bed designs inspired by Japanese style and their connection to nature through our beautiful, sustainable timber. Take a look at our range below…

The Kyoto collection – Japanese style beds

Our original Kyoto collection includes the Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe beds – inspired by minimalist, Japanese interior design. The beds in this range are modern, pared back and have a timeless quality, they’ll never go out of style. Order without a headboard for an even more minimal look!
The recessed leg base results in a serene ‘floating bed’ appearance while providing a solid support for the bed. Due to the simplicity of the look, these beds are easy to update with new trends, just add different bedding and accessories to change up our space! They have proven very popular over the many decades we have been making them and we’re sure they’ll be loved for many more decades to come.


Similar tot he Kyoto range, our Ki Low Loft Bed base also features large horizontal planks as the leg supports. Rather than being tucked away, they are proudly displayed at each end of the bed, making a real feature of your chosen timber!
Perfect for loft spaces, due to its low height (just 19.5cm tall at its highest point!) and the lack of a headboard, this bed gives the impression of a more open and spacious room.


Got a bit more space to play with? The Oregon is the most impactful of our japanese style beds!
Its 15cm skirt surrounds the bed, creates a large footprint and your own personal sleep haven! Perfect for lounging, the Oregon features a slightly angled headboard for comfort.
This bed has the most timber on show in any of the designs mentioned here, so make sure you check out Our timbers before ordering!


Another statement design – the Kulu features a large solid headboard panel, running all the way to the floor at the head end support. The simple, sculptural design makes the most of your favourite timber and highlights the shape of this unique bed. The Kulu bed is a fine, minimal design, perfect for a modern Japanese style bedroom. It has a relatively low headboard height, which makes it particularly suitable for an attic or loft space.
Also available in Black Stained Oak for an ultra bold and modern look!

Tables to pair with our Japanese Style beds

For these beds, we’d recommend something low – check out the Ethnicraft Madra tables for a statement pice or the Cube table in the low height from our own line!

Though many of our more modern bedside tables also suit these japanese style beds, the Kyoto tables were designed specifically to work with the Kumo and Kyoto. There are two versions of the Kyoto table – one has a simple shelf, the other has a single drawer for hiding away any clutter.
The Kulu comes with the option of small mounted side table and the Oregon has its own dedicated table design!

Hopefully this blog has outlined the basics of our Japanese style beds. Head to our Inspiration page for further design and styling tips! As always, you can get in touch with any questions you may have – our showroom is open from 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday.