Here in this blog, we will be introducing you to our new Talalay mattresses. Handmade in the UK, this range comprises four mattresses, each of which we will be taking an in depth look at…

What is Talalay latex?

Talalay latex is considered to be the most breathable latex on the market today. Resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites, it is a highly durable material that offers a buoyant feeling of support. It is infused with graphite to be fire retardant yet FR chemical free. The graphite also has cooling properties not present in standard latex.

During moulding, the latex goes through a vacuuming process to minimise imperfections. Inside the mould, pins are also used so that hundreds of small, breathable holes are left behind. These holes allow air to pass through the mattress easily, aiding in a cool and refreshing night’s sleep.

The rebound/reflex of the Talalay latex is far superior to other products, and allows for a deep sleep. It also helps people stay asleep longer as they don’t wake up when moving in the bed.

Wentworth Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Wentworth mattress contains a mix of Talalay latex and pocket springs. Each mattress features a temperature regulating fabric. It is designed specifically to keep your body at 37.5 degrees celsius (the ideal temperature for sleeping). You can choose from two different firmness/spring options…

The Wentworth 1600:

Containing a 50mm layer of Talalay latex and 1600 pocket springs (based on a king size), this mattress is a soft-medium firmness. The layer of latex adds a plush, cushioned feel to the mattress. There is another layer of springs around the edges for extra support when getting in and out of bed.

In my opinion, the manufacturer’s description of this mattress as ‘soft-medium’ feels accurate. I think that the 1600 is quite soft, especially when just sitting on the bed. However, it does feel nice and supportive once I fully lie down. The layer of latex is what adds to the initial softness, and the layer of springs is what gives it that support. Although I do personally own a firm mattress myself, I really like the feel of this mattress. Despite being one of the softer mattresses we currently sell, I love the support.

The Wentworth 2000:

Made with a total of 2000 pocket springs (based on a king size), including supportive edge springs, this mattress is classed as firm. It has a 20mm layer of Talalay latex, and a 20mm layer of recycled foam.

In my opinion, I feel the manufacturer’s description of the 2000 as ‘firm’ is apt. It does not have that same initial softness, due to the smaller layer of latex and the added layer of foam. I’d class this as one of the firmest mattresses we currently sell. I do feel very supported whilst lying down. However, even though I do own a firm mattress myself, I feel this is a bit too firm for me. This may be the mattress for you if you are heavier weight or love a really firm mattress.

Welbeck Latex Mattress

Made with a 100% Talalay filling, the Welbeck is a supportive mattress with a cool, pressure relieving feel. A purely natural material, Talalay latex is highly durable and naturally conforms to your body shape without getting too hot. Available in two firmnesses, the Welbeck has a unique spring like feel, unlike many traditional latex mattresses.


Though this mattress is described as a medium firmness (a standard level of firmness usually suited to most people), I would personally describe it as soft to medium feel.

When initially sitting down on the mattress, it does feel quite soft. However, after laying down, I would describe it as having a good medium level of support. It conforms to my body shape nicely without feeling like I’m sinking too much into the mattress.

It’s quite unique if I compare it to the rest of our range, in that it’s got quite a bouncy/springy feel.


I would describe this as a medium-firm feel. Initially, it feels like a medium level of firmness when sitting. However, once fully laid down, it feels much firmer.

It’s got a similar springy feel, if a little more diminished in this tension than the medium. It’s an extremely comfortable feeling mattress, and is definitely my favourite of the two firmnesses.

In my opinion its not as firm as the hybrid Wentworth 2000 mentioned above, but I do still feel that it gives a lovely firm level of support.

It is important to note that we always recommend trying a mattress prior to buying. Although I have tried my best to explain the feel of these mattresses in this blog, this is simply my opinion based on my own specific preferences and requirements. These mattresses can be tried in our Sheffield showroom.

I hope you have found this blog on our new Talalay Latex mattresses helpful. If you have any questions about our new range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.