Over here at Natural Bed Company, we’re always harking on about mid-century design. But, it is a trend that shows no signs of going away, so we’re going to keep sharing our love for it. Inspired by designs and motifs from the 1950s through to the 1970s, mid-century design is characterised by it’s retro tendencies. However, it s often beautifully blended with modern accents and contemporary ideals. If you’re looking to bring this look home, take a look at our mid-century bed designs.

The Camden

Our most popular bed design of 2023, the Camden is a sought-after classic. The original design in the Camden collection, this bed boasts beautiful curves. From the rounded headboard posts to the delicate shapes of the curved legs, it exudes mid-century chic. The curved legs are handcrafted from solid timber, as are all our beds, and shaped to form smooth, flowing lines.

The Camden features a plain panel of timber across the span of the headboard, putting your choice of solid wood on full display. Available in all of our hardwoods, this bed looks great in both light and dark timbers. The darker tones of cherry and walnut give the bed a deeper, more retro tone, but you can also dress it in maple or ash for a lighter, more modern look.

The Camden mid century style bed here made in solid oak wood and shown without bedding and from the side

One of the main characteristics of the Camden is its rounded headboard posts. Gently curved and tapered slightly towards the top, they have a smooth, fully formed shape, which flows flawlessly into the rest of the bed frame.

Also part of the Camden collection, you can find low beds Pimlico and Carnaby, if you’re looking for mid-century style with a low profile.

The Hoxton

With the same dimensions as the original Camden, the Hoxton features the addition of our signature chevron headboard panel. Adding flare and personality, and accentuating any of the timbers it is made in, the chevron brings a new look to the Camden design. Inspired by mid-century styling, this detail brings a modern spin on a classic, time-honoured look.

The Hoxton has been one of our most popular designs since its introduction. You’ll often find it pictured in walnut, our darkest timber; true to mid-century ideals. Walnut is one of the most popular timbers for this bed because of its varied grain pattern and spectrum of darker tones. Walnut can feature some blonde sections, which are perfect for drawing attention to the chevron pattern. Cherry and ash are also popular timbers for this bed, again due to the variations and patterns in their grain.

With its chevron pattern on the headboard, the Hoxton is essentially a Camden with extra flare. The pieces are cut and assembled by hand in our Sheffield workshop, to create a beautiful, intricate design for your headboard.

Love the chevron design? You should also check out the Special Edition and Bold Chevron Hoxton beds. Combining two different timers to give an even bolder look to the headboard design.

The Bloomsbury

Another bed from our Camden collection, the Bloomsbury boasts a similar style, but with a sleek upholstered headboard. Featuring the same base design as all the models in the Camden range, the Bloomsbury gives further customisation thanks to its many options for upholstery. You can choose from a variety of fabrics for the headboard, including wool-rich or pure wool materials, or a luxe faux leather. There is also the option to have a plain, buttoned or stitched headboard. You can find all the options just here on our website.

In our humble opinion, the buttoned and stitched headboard options look the best, and best suit that mid-century look. The faux leather in particular is a great partner to walnut or cherry if you’re going for this style. Opt for a dark faux leather or pale, neutral soft wool fabric to really set off the timbers and create a mid-century modern design.

The Bloomsbury classic wooden bed with a solid walnut frame and buttoned upholstered headboard

The Bloomsbury has a variety of options for the headboard upholstery. The first version, the buttoned headboard, offers a classic, yet contemporary look. The buttons are wrapped in your choice of fabric and neatly studded across the headboard for a cosy, comfortable feel.

The Cochin

A slightly more geometric look to the Camden range, the Cochin offers a more slimline, tapered look. With a large headboard panel and detailed, square leg posts. The Cochin is a long-time favourite with our customers, and has been with us for a number of years. Its main design features are the almost pointed, tapered legs. Reaching a thin point towards the floor, the spindle legs give a stylish, tall look to the overall shape of the frame.

The Cochin is a more traditional take on mid-century design, and gives an elegant, almost regal feel to the bedroom. However, it keeps its feet on the ground when made in our solid timbers; the natural materials ensuring that it doesn’t inflate its ego, and retains its original appeal.

Cochin bed - leg detail

The Cochin also features subtle, hand crafted details to the top of the legs on the headboard and foot posts. A gently sloped design meeting to a soft point at the top of the posts, to give a touch of flare to the finer details of the frame.

The Dalston

In a similar vein to the Camden & Hoxton beds, the Cochin and Dalston are siblings. The Dalston is a Cochin with that signature chevron headboard. With all the same dimensions and design characteristics of the Cochin, the Dalston takes things that one step further with its patterned headboard panel.

Because of its overall geometric look, we think the chevron pattern in the headboard suits the Dalston down to the ground. The sloping angles of the bed’s frame are mirrored in the slopes and angles of the chevron design. All of our beds are handmade to order, but the Dalston really shows off the skills of our craftsmen, with its hand-assembled headboard, hand-finished leg details and finely shaped tapered legs.

The Dalston offers all the desirable design of the Cochin, with its own bit of personality. As with the Hoxton, the Dalston is ideal for showing off the variations and grain in our solid timbers. Try it in walnut or cherry; ideal for mid-century bed designs.

The Zanskar

With a similar, but slightly more laid back look to the Cochin, the Zanskar is another of our mid-century bed designs. Crafted with gently tapered legs and an angled headboard, the Zanskar offers a more relaxed profile. Perfect for Sunday mornings lounging in bed, the headboard makes reclining super easy and comfortable.

Due to its tapered legs and headboard posts, the Zanskar still gives a mid-century look, but with a more pared-back style. A versatile design, it is perfect if you’re not wanting to fully commit to the mid-century look, as it is easy to style in other, more contemporary ways, too. A classic, no-fuss model, but with an undertone of conscious design choices.

spring summer bedroom styling

The Zanskar’s minimal profile hides an angled, sloping headboard – ideal for reclining in bed with your favourite book. The perfect partner to Sunday morning lie-ins.

We’ll keep saying it ’til we’re blue in the face, but we LOVE the mid-century look. We hope this blog gave you some insight into how to bring this style into the bedroom. For even more inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards.