It’s that time again already! Since spring has sprung, it feels like the days are flying by. We’re thankful to have been blessed with some good weather here in Sheffield – it seems the warmer season is well and truly here. With that in mind, all the spring and summer festivities can commence. Including Father’s Day! Landing on Sunday 16th June this year, it’s time to scratch your heads wondering what to buy your ol’ pa. Hopefully this post will give you some ideas…


Who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub? It’s honestly one of my dad’s favourite things! Bath soak, bubble bath or luxury body washes are a frequent purchase for me around Father’s Day. In particular, the range from Bath House are a lovely option. They offer a Bath Soak and a Luxury Hair & Body Wash in two indulgent fragrances. Perfect for a long soak.

Another great option in this category are shaving sets. We have two lovely sets – the Meraki Shaving Collection and a Shaving Soap and Cream, again from Bath House. The Meraki collection includes a luxe shaving brush and a soft shaving oil and soap. The Bath House set includes a similar lathering soap, along with a skin conditioning cream.

For the Connoisseur

If your pops is a fan of wine, why not treat them to some accessories to indulge their passion? We have a lovely collection of Matte Grey Wine Accessories, which includes a corkscrew, bottle opener, wine pourer and bottle stop. Ideal for hosting parties, or for making their favourite tipple that little bit more luxurious.

On the same theme, you could also take a look at the Smoke Coloured Champagne Glasses or Smoke Coloured Glasses sets. Both boast a deep grey coloured glass with a smokey look. Stylish and contemporary, they make great drinking companions for wines or spirits alike. You can also find a matching carafe just here.


A treat for the home is always a good choice. Something you can keep by your bedside or in the living room always reminds you of the person who gifted it. We have a whole lot of options in terms of contemporary homewares, but our favourites this year are listed below…

Mushroom shape lights in 2 sizes with colour change and white light options and a choice of oak or walnut bases

Whimsical and yet modern, the Mushroom Lamps are available in two sizes – either a mini, portable size or a large, plug-in size. They cycle through a range of RGB colours or rest on a warm white light. With their softly diffused shade, they bring a calming, relaxing ambience to any room. They also recently won an award for being one of the best gifts of 2024!

A new addition to our range, the Firefly Lamp is a miniature wonder of design. A highly tactile, satisfying object, it emits a wonderfully warm glow. It also features three brightness settings – the lowest is as soft as a candle glow. Complete with a gorgeous bronze finish, it would make a lovely gift for the design-conscious.

small wooden blue tooth speaker in maple wood

Perfect for tech fans and music fans alike, the miniature Wooden Bluetooth Speaker is a lovely little gift. The miniature size of this speaker doesn’t compromise on sound quality, and its bluetooth connection means you can take it on the go. Brilliant for sunny afternoons spent in the garden or local park. Another variation on this is the Drum Speaker – a similar design with an additional feature – it also has a built-in light!

Ideal for lovers of space, sci-fi and cool gadgets. The Moon Lamp is available with either a white ash or walnut base here. It’s extremely clever and unique design means that it levitates above its base. Glowing with three light options – either a bright white, soft white or warm white effect. Simply mount it on its base and watch it hang in the air before your very eyes.

christmas gift moon lamp


Home fragrance is a bit of a universal gift. If your father loves adorning his home with scent, these can be a perfect gift in themselves. However, candles and diffusers also make wonderful add-on gifts, if you’re wanting to back up a larger present. Some scents that are popular with our customers are such as the Aery Scented Candles in Amber Glass Jars and the Aery Luxury Room Diffusers. We also recently introduced a range of Luxury Incense Cones to our collection, which boast three fresh, woody scents.

You can also find a selection of Solid Colognes on our website, which have been very popular with our customers in store at our Sheffield showroom, and are available in three lovely scents. If you’d prefer to check the scents of any of our fragranced products, you can always come and visit us!


The old favourite – slippers are a true staple on Father’s Day. For 2024, why not opt for a more sustainable option, in the form of the Sustainable Colourful Slippers or Glerups wool slippers? Stylish, super comfy and sustainable. Both these brands make use of natural or recycled materials.

Glerups are made from natural wool felt and suede – a traditional option that is super popular with our customers. Made in Denmark. Whereas, the Sustainable Colourful Slippers are made using recycled plastic bottles. The tops are felted for comfort and the soles have a bendable, rubber-like sole. Also available in a fleecy fabric or with a chunkier sole. Comfortable and great for the planet! You can find all our slippers just here.

We hope this article has give you some new ideas for Father’s Day this year. For more, you can also find our full range of gifts and homeware just here. You can also find interior inspiration and gift ideas over on our Pinterest page.