Released in 2018, the Camden bed base was designed by Natural Bed Company’s founder, Peter Bennion. The Hoxton followed shortly thereafter, and over the proceeding years we have added more designs to what is now referred to as the Camden Collection.

This range of beds has twelve designs overall, each featuring distinctive shaped legs and soft, curved edges. In this blog, we’ll give you a run down of these designs and their differences from one another…

The Camden is one of the most popular designs across our range of beds. Featuring softly tapered legs and rounded edges, it has a mid-century influence found in every Camden Collection bed base. Its generous sized headboard displays the chosen timber beautifully. As with the rest of the beds in this range, the Camden is available in all of our hardwoods. It can also be purchased here in an opaque black oak finish.

If you like the look of the Camden, but would prefer a more varied grain to the headboard, check out the Hoxton, which has a chevron patterned headboard. If you’re wanting the chevron to really stand out, the Hoxton looks its best in walnut, ash and cherry. For a more subtle variance in the pattern, you can choose from oak, maple or beech. The Camden is pictured below in solid oak, and the Hoxton in solid walnut.

Please note: other than the Camden and Hoxton’s differing headboard panels, they are identical in every other way!

Of course, all of the beds in this range are a kind of variation of the original Camden/Hoxton. However, the Special Edition Hoxton and the Bold Chevron Hoxton share the exact same dimensions/overall design as the Camden and the Hoxton.

The Special Edition, released in 2020, is available only in walnut and features a striking inlay in your choice of our hardwood timbers. Pictured below with a maple inlay, this bed base really makes a statement! The highlight strips can be found most noticeably on the headboard, as well as the foot rail and side rails.

Another variation is the Bold Chevron, released in 2021. It features a wide contrasting strip across the chevron in your choice of hardwood. It is also shown below in walnut with a maple contrast. However, unlike the Special Edition, this bed can be purchased as standard in any two of the hardwoods!

If you love the look of the Camden design, but would prefer a lower profile bed base, the Carnaby or Pimlico might be what you’re looking for. The Pimlico was released the same year as our Camden, and the Carnaby followed in 2019.

Retaining the same sized headboard panel as the Camden (and Hoxton of course, just without the chevron!), the Carnaby sits approximately 12cm lower. Due to the shorter legs, some of the gentle tapering is lost, but they still keep the same curvature.

The Pimlico has only one difference to the Carnaby, and that’s the headboard size! The Pimlico’s headboard is approximately 13cm shorter. This bed base is ideal for those after a more minimal look. It’s also perfect for loft spaces where overhead room is a little scarce!

You will find the Carnaby pictured (on the left) below in solid cherry, and the Pimlico (on the right) in solid oak.

As standard, you can’t purchase either of these bed bases with a chevron patterned headboard. However, as we hand-make each one of our beds to order, this customisation is easily something we can add on if you love the look of the chevron. Simply get in touch with us for a quote.

For those interested in purchasing an upholstered bed base, but like the shaped legs of the Camden, check out the Bloomsbury. Released in 2020, the Bloomsbury has the same dimensions from to the top of the side rails as the Camden and Hoxton. However, its headboard panel is bigger (by approx. 7cm), and its headboard legs are on the back of the frame, not on the sides. It sits at approx. 110cm from the floor to the top of the headboard.

The Bloomsbury is available in our full range of fabrics: Amatheon, Poole, Parquet and Vaquero. You can find all variations linked here. For more information upholstered bed bases, check out our Upholstered Beds FAQ.

The Bloomsbury is pictured below in (from left to right): cherry, walnut, and oiled oak.

After several custom requests from customers to have a Bloomsbury made with the solid wood headboard instead of an upholstered panel, the Chiswick and Highbury were introduced in 2023. You will find the Chiswick pictured in solid walnut below, and the Highbury pictured in solid oak.

The dimensions of these bed bases are identical to the Bloomsbury – the only difference is the solid wood headboard panel!

In the same vain as the Camden and Hoxton, the Chiswick has a plain headboard and the Highbury has a chevron patterned panel. Otherwise, they are the same.

Released in 2023, the Camden without a Headboard is the namesake of the original design that started it all – the Camden. We received many custom requests over the past few years to make the above beds without a headboard, so we finally decided to make it a standard part of our range. You can find it pictured below in solid maple.

Please note: if you like the look of any of the above bed bases, but would prefer them without a headboard, then the Camden without a Headboard is the bed base you’ll want to check out. It shares the same design and dimensions (to the top of the side rails, of course) as the above beds.

Its minimal yet elegant look makes it perfect for those in need of saving as much space as possible. It’s also a good option if you have your own wall-mounted headboard.

The newest additions to our Camden range are our four posters, the Canterbury and Harrow.

Like the Camden/Hoxton and the Chiswick/Highbury, these two bed bases only have a single difference from one another, and that is their headboards; as you can probably guess, the Canterbury has a plain panel and the Highbury has a chevron patterned panel. Otherwise, both four posters are identical.

Although both beds are a part of the collection, their legs are slightly different from the rest of the range. The overall designs feature the same all-over soft curves and mid-century influence, but their legs feature a slightly more angular taper. The tapering detail also carries over into the slim posts, giving an almost bowed in effect to the designs.

The Canterbury is pictured below in solid oak, and the Highbury is pictured in solid walnut. As with the rest of this range, both are available in our full range of hardwoods.

We hope this blog provided a helpful breakdown of our Camden Collection. If you’re looking for more interior inspiration, why not take a look at our Pinterest boards for heaps of ideas! You can also find us over on Facebook & Instagram