Under-bed drawers are extremely popular with our customers. We all know how important storage is, and these drawers offer a simple solution, without taking up any extra floor space in the bedroom. At Natural Bed Company, we offer a verity of bed bases with varying under-bed clearances. So, in this post, we hope to help you in choosing the right under-bed drawers to suit your bed.

Under-bed Drawer Sizes

You can purchase our under-bed drawers in three different sizes. Named after the beds they were originally made to suit, the drawers come in either Kyoto, Sahara or Tibet sizes. The Kyoto drawers are the smallest ones; specifically designed to go with the Kyoto bed. The Kyoto is the lowest of our bed designs that still has room for under-bed drawers. Therefore, the Kyoto drawers are especially made to suit the smaller space between the Kyoto bed’s legs, making them narrower than our other under-bed drawers.

The Sahara and Tibet drawers are essentially the same as each other, just in two different heights. The Sahara drawers are 16.5cm in height, whereas the Tibet drawers are 21.5cm in height.

Your choice of drawer depends on the under-bed clearance of your chosen bed design. For example, the Sahara drawers are ideal for use with beds such as the Malabar, Arran, Leith and Sahara, which all have an under-bed clearance of 19cm approx.

Whereas, the Tibet drawers are better suited to beds such as the Hoxton, Chiswick and Hathersage beds, which all have approx. 27cm under-bed clearance. The Tibet drawers also work well with the Cochin & Zanskar beds, along with most of our four poster designs.

Side Panels

On the under-bed drawers page on our website, you will see that there are two drop-down menus. One asks you to choose a timber, which is fairly self-explanatory. Just choose the timber you would like the front of the under-bed drawer to be made in.

The other option asks you to select a ‘type’. This encompasses the size options mentioned above (Kyoto, Sahara and Tibet), but also gives two extra options; ‘Sahara Drawer with side panel’ and ‘Tibet Drawer with side panel’. These two drawer sizes have the option of an extra panel – called a side panel – for instances where the drawers will be used at the bottom of the bed.

The image below demonstrates how a side panel can change the look of the drawers when viewed from the foot of the bed. The drawer boxes themselves are made from birch plywood, which is quite a light coloured timber. If you had a bed made in cherry or walnut for example, the contrast would be quite stark. By adding a side panel, you can match the area of the drawer that is visible from the foot of the bed, to the timber that your bed is made in for a more cohesive look.

Most customers who are wanting to use four under-bed drawers beneath their bed often only opt for two of these to have side panels. The other two drawers (without side panels) can be used at the head-end of the bed, where the birch plywood will not be visible.

Under-bed Drawers & Bedside Tables

We also offer the option of ordering two slightly narrower under-bed drawers. These are useful if you would like to access them without having to move your bedside tables. As mentioned above, the Kyoto drawers are specifically designed for the Kyoto; they are 60cm in width to fit between the bed’s more unusual leg placement.

However, the Sahara and Tibet drawers are 90cm in width as standard. As most customers purchase two to four drawers, two are usually placed next to one another. Two of either the Sahara or Tibet drawers together are approx. 180cm in length. This perfectly suits beds that are both 190cm and 200cm in length.

Alternatively, if you have bedside tables, we offer another option of 2x drawers that are 75cm in width. This means they will only be 150cm in length (approx.) when two are used next to each other. This means you have more space at the head-end of your bed, and you shouldn’t need to move your bedside table out of the way when accessing the drawers. Of course, this does depends on the size of your bedside table, but we find this configuration suits most options.

Custom Under-bed Drawers

Occasionally, customers ask if we are able to make custom under-bed drawers. Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Our under-bed drawers are only available in set sizes. We then affix panels in the timber of your choice, to match the timber your bed is made in.

We hope this article has helped you in choosing under-bed drawers for your bed. If you have any further questions regarding under-bed drawers – or any of our other products! – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.