The weather might not be what we want it to be at the moment, but the season of outdoor entertaining is right around the corner! From family BBQ’s, hosting dinner with friends or a simple evening in the garden, we hope these essential items make those summer moments a bit more luxurious. Let’s make the most of the outdoors while we have the chance!

We all know lighting plays a big part in setting a warm and cosy atmosphere – this applies to outdoor entertaining too! So, whether it’s a Saturday night glass of wine and a catch up with your friend or a mid-week meal with your partner, make sure you have plenty of lighting options to enjoy the outdoors into the evening and night.

We especially love re-chargeable lamps at this time of year, perfect for pops of light on your table when the sun goes down. If you love retro design, the Firefly Lamp has a gorgeous mid-century feel and an almost candle like glow. For those who prefer a more modern look, the Pod Lamp is available in two punchy colours and is a brighter option (all the better to see your dinner with!). For fully waterproof options, the Indoor/Outdoor Table Lamps can be left outside when the inevitable downpour arrives! Another splash-proof option is the Rechargeable LED Lamp or the Humble One – Portable Outdoor Mini Lamp for a more modern look.

Picky Tea anyone? I don’t know about you, but food eaten outside in the sunshine tastes so much nicer!
You can serve up your delicious creations in style for a luxurious outdoor dining experience. We love the Marble Serving Board for a classic and cool serving option. Made from pure marble, it is substantial and solid. Its curved design and circular hole detail give it a stylish, contemporary look. The matching Marble Storage Cubes are great for cutlery too!

For small picky bits, the Modern Oak Serving Boards in the small size are great for sharing smaller bites or even as individual cheeseboards! The larger size is a great shape for serving baked goods, chopping salads or even simply slicing bread. But if you like a more classic look, The Walnut Chopping Boards are a great option for ferrying food out into the garden! We also recommend the Wooden Salt & Pepper Mill for your seasoning needs. The Porcelain Mini Bowls for nuts, olives or flaky salt.

Now for the fun part – You can’t be entertaining outdoors without a few cold drinks!

The Luxury Matte-Grey Wine Accessories are a the ideal pairing with your favourite bottle of wine. Serve up mocktails in the Set of 4 Smoke Coloured Champagne Glasses for a luxurious touch. Of course you’ll need water for the table, keep it fresh (and free of wildlife) with the Smoke Coloured Glass-blown Carafe.

Now, the atmosphere isn’t complete without a little music! A portable speaker is ideal for small garden gatherings and outdoor entertaining. Perfect for the end of the garden, in the park or out on a walk. One of our favourites for this are the Pocket Speakers. They’re small and come with a handy strap to loop onto a chair, backpack or even a tree branch! The Bluetooth Selfie Speaker are small in size but pack a powerful sound. They also double up as a selfie remote so you can capture those Summer memories!

In a perfect world, you’d be warm all evening long, but we know Great British summers aren’t always (if ever) that idyllic! It is best to have a couple of blankets on hand. Ideally ones that can be easily chucked in the wash should they get damp or dirty. The Cotton Muslin Throws are a lovely lightweight option, the colourful shades reflect the blooming florals that we get at this time of year. The slightly crinkled texture also gives it a relaxed look. Perfect for lounging around in the garden without worrying about creases or damage! For a slightly warmer option, the Cosy Blankets with Modern Patterns are great to wrap up in toward the end of the night. It’s thicker brushed cotton texture is warming and soft to the touch, perfect for chilly evenings.

Did you know that burning incense or candles with essential oils deters mosquitos? If that wasn’t enough, they also smell incredible! We love the Luxury Incense Cones – Sets in 3 Scents for an instant layer of atmospheric scents. With the provided brass dish, you can easily set this up on your outdoor table to keep the bugs at bay.
For more of a glow, we all love candles! To prevent the flames being blown out, we would recommend a candle holder with glass walls. The Concrete & Glass Candle Holders are a great industrial option and look at home in the garden. For a more modern look, the Modern Ceramic & Glass Candle Holders are a timeless design. If you like the maximalist style, the Colourful Glass Candleholders are the perfect pop of colour!

Hopefully, you’re all set up for entertaining outdoors, if only the weather would co-operate now!

As always, you can see more of the items mentioned above on our website and in our Sheffield showroom. Get in touch if you have any questions!