Pine Beds

Looking for pine beds? Here you can see at a glance the collection of exclusive Natural Bed Company beds available in solid pine.

About Our Pine:

pine timber

Pine can be clear lacquered (above), or stained White Wash or Wenge (see below).

white washed pine timber

wenge pine wooden bed timber

Over a period of time, depending upon the intensity of daylight available, the colour of natural pine will mellow i.e. become darker. The mellowing of the pine furniture occurs rapidly for about the first 2 years and then it appears to slow down and eventually the furniture will reach full “maturity”. If you are looking to colour match with current furniture please request a timber sample from us, but note that wood samples should be taken as indicative of the wood and finish – it is not possible to guarantee an exact colour match.

About Our Timbers:

At Natural Bed Company, for our wooden beds, we only use timber from sustainable sources and never use endangered tropical hardwoods. All our timber is from a legally certified source and purchased under the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation). Our pine is from Scandinavia and our hardwoods – ash, oak, maple, cherry, walnut and beech are from the USA or northern Europe.

Buying timber from managed forests ensures that new trees are planted and the cycle of planting, growth and harvest can continue. We think it is important that the amazing natural resource of timber should be used to make furniture that will last. Many of our customers order their bed in a hardwood, but we also offer most of our beds in pine as we’re aware that people have different budgets for different rooms and we want to make our designs as accessible as possible.

A selection of the Natural Bed Company’s collection of pine beds: