Everyone may have different style and decorating tastes, but one thing we can all agree on – our dream bedroom would be tidy, clean and clutter free! This is easier to achieve that you may think, and even better, can […]

Large Storage

It’s important to have a few pieces of large storage to take the bulk of your clothes etc. Check out the Black Lotus Large Shaker Style Chest – a great addition to any bedroom, you could even display some of your prettier belongings, such as art or jewellery, on top.

If you’re a little tight on floor space, then go up! The 5 Drawer Chest is available in the same Shaker style design and a more modern Cube design, which has a handy shelf at the bottom! Both the Shaker and Cube Black Lotus furniture is available in both the ever-popular Oak and lavish Walnut.
If you’re looking for something that really adds a statement, then take a look at the Ethnicraft Monolit, Nordic and Ligna storage – these pieces really add a luxurious statement to any bedroom, whilst providing loads of storage!

Double Duty Furniture

Can an item of furniture service more than one purpose? A side console could double up as a dressing table, a chest of drawers can be your TV stand, a bedside table could store some books and your slippers. This leads me into my next point…

Making the most of your bedside tables

Using your bedside table for more than your lamp and a glass of water isn’t a new idea, but what about making use of the usually wasted floor space under your bedside table?!

Take a look at our Cube Table, Black Lotus Cube Bedside Tables or Chests and the new Black Lotus Shelf Table. Rather than shoving things under your bedside table, which looks messy and disorganised, you now have the perfect spot for a stack of books, your glasses, phone or anything else you want to keep nearby. Leaving the top of your table clear and tidy!
The Ligna bedside cupboards are another good option if you want to maximise storage space – the drawer and cupboard combination gives you a handy, flexible storage space in a compact bedside unit.

Under-Bed Storage

A lot of you may think that under your bed is perfect for shoving items you rarely need access to (maybe it’s time to say good-bye to that Yoga mat you swore you would start using last year…), but if you have the right storage, you can make great use of this, often wasted, space everyday!

We carry 3 different sizes of under-bed drawers in a variety of timbers, so you’re certain to find one that will match your bedroom scheme. Whether you just get one or 4, we’re certain that with the help of the free-rolling casters you’ll find that this once forgotten space is much more accessible. As you can pull the drawer all the way out from under your bed, your stored items are far easier to see!

I hope you’ve found this page useful and hopefully (like me) you’re feeling inspired to give your bedroom an early spring clean and change up your storage to be more efficient, tidy and, most importantly, stylish! If you’re considering a complete bedroom makeover, make sure you check out our full range of bedding, bedroom furniture and home accessories. You can also take a look at our Inspiration pages, blog or visit our Sheffield Showroom for more interior design ideas.

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