Let’s take a look at our collection of futon bed bases. Any of our beds can take a futon mattress, but when customers get in touch asking for a futon bed base they generally have something particular in mind. Usually […]

Let’s take a look at our collection of futon bed bases. Any of our beds can take a futon mattress, but when customers get in touch asking for a futon bed base they generally have something particular in mind. Usually the phrase ‘futon bed base’ brings to mind a very low bed base, simple and modern in design. Here we’ll take a look at the contemporary bed bases we feel fit this description and also take a look at our futon mattresses.

We’ll also make suggestions for the bedside tables that we feel particularly suits these beds.

Our Futon Day Bed

Our Kyoto Day Bed with Sprung mattress is a medium/firm but with a slightly bouncy and plump texture to give them a relaxing, comfortable feel. Unlike a traditional futon mattress that can feel quite flat and very firm, this sprung mattress offers a great balance of comfort for seating or sleeping. The Kyoto Day Bed combines a minimalist, Japanese-style base with a soft and supportive sprung, upholstered mattress. This incredibly comfy day-bed is a luxurious addition to your lounge or bedroom – working as additional seating, and also a useful extra single bed.

The futon fillings we use on the original Kyoto Day bed are made up of rebound polycotton, i-fibre and pure wool. Rebound polycotton is a special blend of cotton and polycotton. This layer forms the core of the mattress. I-Fibre is a recent technological innovation – the fibres of the polyester are arranged vertically, rather than layered horizontally. So, they act like springs and have less tendency to compress. This makes the futon firmer, gives it resilience, more substance and a longer life. Pure wool is used for the outer layers of the futon. Wool has excellent thermal properties as a temperature regulator and is very breathable. The futon case is made of FR treated cotton drill, available in a range of shades. The ties which hold the futon layers together are available in ivory, black, grey or dark blue.
Unfortunately, there is a limited stock of this version left, due to our local seamstress service no longer taking orders from third parties.

Low Platform Bed Bases

Our range of platform beds includes the Oregon, Kulu, Koo and Ki beds. The Kulu and Koo are the same bed design. While the Kulu is entirely solid hardwood, the Koo’s hardwood base is paired with a painted board for the headboard panel. The Koo headboard can be painted any colour you choose.
The Kulu bed is also available in a black stained oak version – either all black, or just with a black headboard. The Koo and Kulu are modern in style, the low level base and small side tables of these beds give them a New York Loft look. The soft lines of a futon mattress complements this stylish yet relaxed look.

The Ki bed is the most minimalist bed of this collection – it doesn’t have a headboard – just an elegant low frame. The simple lines of the Ki means that it will suit most contemporary interior design styles. The deep, front footboard shows off the beauty of the timber.

The Oregon bed is a real show-stopper and a good choice for a larger bedroom. This bed has a wide platform base and bold rectilinear design. The Oregon bedside tables emphasise the ‘wide and low’ look of the bed. The Oregon suits a range of bedroom schemes – from ‘modern loft’ to a pared back ‘Japanese style’.

Japanese Style Futon Bed Bases

This collection is the most popular bed choice for pairing with a futon mattress. Beds from this range are available with or without a headboard, in a range of sizes and timbers – from pine to walnut. The Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe beds make up the collection – they are the same minimalist, Japanese style inspired design but differ in the leg height. The Kobe is the lowest of the collection, this futon bed base is just 14cm in height from the floor to the top of the side rails. The Kumo bed is the next height up – at 21.5cm from the floor to the top of the side rails.

Our first model in the range was the Kyoto design and this version is still the most popular. It is 26.5cm from the floor to the top of the side rails, tall enough to take under-bed drawers. We also designed two bedside tables to suit this bed (they look great with the Kumo too!). The Kyoto drawer table and shelf table. The Madra table in oak is a popular choice to use with the Kobe. Alternatively, the Oregon table is another suitably low option.
The Kyoto has recently been launched as a futon daybed. It includes a futon or sprung mattress and comes with the option of a headrest cushion. We feel the Kyoto makes such a beautiful futon bed base that it is stylish enough for use as a chaise longue.

Low, Modern Bed Frames

If your preference is for a classic, 4 leg style of bed for your futon then we have various modern, low beds to fit the bill. The Nevada and Sonora beds are a good place to start. They are similar modern designs, but the Sonora just has a much taller headboard than the Nevada. These timeless designs will look good in a variety of bedroom looks.

You can soften the modern look by choosing the Iona bed. This bed has a solid, hardwood base but with a cosy upholstered headboard. If you prefer a bed with some curves then take a look at the Pimlico bed. This low bed has a ‘mid-century modern’ style with soft edges and curved legs.

For more information about our Futon Bed Bases please take a look at our product pages.

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