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Our feather pillows collection:
Wonderfully comfy duck down and goose down pillows are beautifully soft and fluff up perfectly every night. Goose down pillows are an investment that will last for many years. Lighter and warmer than synthetic pillows, down not only insulates and keeps you warm, it also allows excess body heat and moisture to escape, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep. They are covered in 100% down-proof, breathable cotton cambric.

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Product Description

The best down comes from geese from colder climates. It has a higher loft, insulates better and less is needed to reach a level of warmth. Pillows made from the best down are lighter in weight.

Our White Goose Down pillows contain 80% white goose down and 20% fine feathers, the soft cotton cover has a 233 thread count.

Goose Down Surround pillows have an inner chamber of 100% goose feather with an outer chamber of 80% goose down and 20% goose feather.

The duck down surround pillow has a duck feather core with a duck down surround to make a firmer pillow with a soft surface. The inner core is 100% feather, the outer layer is 70% down.

Hungarian White Goose Down is from geese with thicker down, making for a lightweight, long lasting pillow; 90% down, 10% fine feather, a fine cotton cover has a 280 thread count.

Canadian Snow Goose Down is from the Canadian Snow Geese who live in sub zero temperatures and produce the finest quality down, very little of which is needed to make a very lightweight, warm pillow. 100% down – the ultimate choice! The cotton cover is incredibly soft and fine and has a 310 thread count.

The duck down pillows are 70% duck down with 30% fine feather, the soft cotton cover has a 233 thread count.

Top ways to care for your feather or down pillows:
Your feather or down pillows may not last forever, but lasting decades is not out of the question.

  1. Folding them, putting them in a headlock, and using them for pillow fights will impact the longevity of your pillows. You don’t have to baby them but, if you can avoid misusing them, your pillow will reward you with years of consistent support.
  2. Feather pillows should not be washed. Feathers are designed by nature to help keep water off a birds back so please don’t wash your feather pillows. Use a pillow protector or pillowcase and wash that. If you must, send the pillow to a professional dry cleaner that has experience of cleaning down bedding.
  3. Down pillows can be washed. But, you must make sure they are dried properly. Any moisture remaining on any of the down clusters will mold and mildew in less than 24 hours and your pillow will be ruined. So when you think it has finished drying – dry it some more. Think in terms of hours, eg 4 hours on medium heat, and not in terms of 36 – 48 minutes which would be a dryer’s normal cycle time.
  4. If you bathe or shower at night before you go to bed make sure your hair is dry.
  5. Buy a pillow protector or use a pillowcase and wash it every weekend or whenever you strip the bed and wash the sheets.
  6. Oils don’t destroy a pillow in days, weeks or months but years. Anything you can do to prevent oils from getting to the down filling will prolong the life of your pillow.
  7. Moisture will destroy a pillow in days NOT weeks months or years. Anything you can do to prevent your pillow from trapping moisture will prolong the life of your pillow.
  8. If you live in a humid climate DON’T hang it out outside on a clothes line to “air it out”.

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  1. Mandy

    I have the down surround pillows. I like the initial softeness of the down feathers, and the firm support of the feather core. Very comfortable.

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