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A good night’s sleep – how to choose the perfect mattress!

Bamboo mattress

Our directors have been buying, making and supplying mattresses since 1974. Here is some expert advice from them on how to choose the perfect mattress.

When choosing the perfect mattress – ideally look for initial softness with the appropriate amount of firmness to ensure your back is fully supported and feels great in the morning!

  • We all come in different shapes and sizes, with different preferences and expectations. So when choosing a mattress take the time to consider:
  • Your weight and height – the higher the weight/size the firmer the mattress required to give adequate support.
  • Weight distribution and gender – for example women who sleep on their side (as most of us do) tend to choose softer beds as wider hips need a mattress soft enough to accommodate these curves while maintaining proper spine alignment.
  • Sleeping position – those who sleep on their back or front may prefer a firmer mattress to those who sleep on their side: as discussed above when you sleep on your side the mattress needs to adjust to this more variable profile. If you currently sleep on your front, it’s worth asking if this is due your mattress being too firm, so you aren’t able to find a comfortable position on your side.
  • Your expectations – if you are used to firm mattress support this may be your preference, but do try a few types and take the time to appreciate how you feel on each. Our bodies can change over time, so what we’ve been used to before may no longer be appropriate.
  • Think about why you want to change your mattress. Are you suffering lower back pain? This could be due to the age of the mattress, maybe it no longer gives enough support. Did it feel comfortable at the time of purchase, or is it possible that the mattress was always too soft or hard for your needs?
  • Ensure you aren’t over-compensating for any problems with your last mattress. If your old mattress was too soft, choosing a very firm mattress to address any discomfort could result in the same problem with the opposite cause! Try a range of mattresses, rather than going straight to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Whenever possible try the mattress you are interested in by slipping off your shoes and lying down in the position you tend to sleep in. Give yourself a little time and if you find yourself in danger of nodding off – that’s always a good sign!

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