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More on Mattresses – Foam Mattresses or Sprung

Mattresses sprung or foam – what to consider?

Here in the UK the majority of us sleep on sprung mattresses. However on the continent, foam mattresses are a more popular choice. At the Natural Bed Company we prefer to supply mainly foam mattresses, this is for a number of reasons:

• Foam and latex mattresses tend to be thinner than sprung mattresses, and are therefore easier to handle. Also the finer profile particularly suits our many contemporary, low beds.

• Our foam mattresses roll up and are vacuum packed – this ensures that they are easy to ship, and are generally compact enough to ensure access is not an issue.

• We find the elegance and simplicity of this foam mattress collection very appealing. The vast variety of sprung mattresses can make selection an intimidating prospect for all concerned!

• Foam and latex mattresses are good for those with dust mite allergies: there is nowhere in a foam mattress for them to live!

Most importantly of all we have confidence in the quality and comfort of the foam and latex mattresses that make up our collection.

However, do be aware sprung mattresses have their benefits too! If you tend to get uncomfortably warm at night, a sprung mattress may be right for you. Sprung mattresses allow for greater ventilation as they incorporate large pockets of air.
The manufacturers of foam mattresses address this issue with clever design features: perforations through the foam, ripples over the foam surface, breathable bands around the mattress edge – there are new developments all the time! You can also adjust your bedding choices when moving from a sprung to a foam mattress.

Is Memory Foam for you?

This is the latest in mattress technology. Unlike any other mattresses, it will change beneath you as the weight and warmth of the body softens the foam underneath.
Memory foam mattresses are usually one-sided: the memory foam layer is on the top and approximately is 5-7cm deep. This type of mattress therefore is designed not to be turned (other mattress types ideally should be turned three or four times a year to ensure their longest possible life).

Firm or Soft?

The terms ‘firm’, ‘soft’, ‘medium’ are all based on individual perception. Various manufacturers may use the same word or phrase to describe very different mattresses. We describe our mattress collection as we feel is appropriate, but we can’t guarantee it will match your personal response. We can assure you however that the terms chosen are accurate in relative terms, between the mattresses we stock.


Please don’t forget it can take up to a week for the body to adjust to a new mattress. Although ready for use on delivery, it can also take a few days for a vacuum packed mattress to fully expand. So even if your new mattress feels a little strange at first, it is worth giving it some time to be sure of the result.

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