So, you’ve decided on the design of your bed, you’ve picked your favourite timber and even chosen the perfect bedding to go with it – but something you might not have given that much thought to is the size of the bed you are going to order with us. It’s easy just to think that because your existing bed is a king size, then your new base should be too – however it can be a little more complicated than that and definitely something you should carefully consider before we put your bed into production.

The Footprint of Your Bed Base:
Lets start with the overall footprint of the beds in our collection, and consider the implications by taking a look at two popular beds in our range – the Zanskar and Tibet. At a glance these two beds may look very similar and in some ways they are – tall headboards, high clearance under the base – but they do differ in one important way: your mattress will sit on top of the frame with the Tibet, but within it with the Zanskar. It may seem like a small point to make, but this difference changes the overall footprint of the base and this can have a knock-on effect as to which bedside tables you can fit with your bed or even whether the bed could fit in the room at all. A standard UK king size Tibet bed is 150cm wide and 207cm long, whereas a Zanskar is 157cm wide and 213cm long. They both fit the same size mattress (150x200cm) but take up differing spaces in the room.

If you’re considering a bed like the Oregon, which has a very wide frame (see below), it’s really worth mapping out the space it will take up on the floor (maybe with some masking tape?). It will help you work out the ideal size for the room, and if you can also accommodate bedside tables and still have enough floor space. You’ll find the overall dimensions of each bed in our collection on our website and they’re well worth taking a look at.

Amending the Design to Accommodate Your Mattress
Are you thinking of purchasing a new bed base but keeping your existing mattress? Its always worth taking the time to measure the width, length and depth of your mattress – and passing this information on to us when you order your bed.
As we make each bed base to order alterations can always be made to accommodate non standard mattress sizes. Our beds are made as standard to accommodate a mattress between 18 and 22cm in depth and to standard metric UK sizes e.g. 135x190cm for a double, 150x200cm for a king size etc. Other companies may work to imperial measurements which can add a couple of centimetres onto the overall dimensions of the mattress. Some mattress companies make mattresses mainly for the continental or US markets, these sizes are different again. As every bed is made to order we can usually tailor your bed to fit non-standard mattress sizes.

Using a very deep mattress can obscure the headboard on the majority of our designs, but this can be easily avoided in most cases by letting us know in advance that changes need to be made to the base. We can increase the mattress gap in the headboard panel – this raises the position of the headboard on taller legs – which will ensure that the beautiful timber you have chosen will not be covered by the mattress, duvets and pillows when the bed is dressed.
It is worth pointing out however that such changes to the headboard cannot be made to the Japanese style beds in our range such as the Kyoto, Kumo, Kobe and Oregon. As the headboard is attached to the side and centre rails (not supported by legs), increasing the headboard height on these designs is not advisable. In these instances it may be a better option to order the bed without a headboard and order a separate panel to be attached to the wall for your headboard. Call us to discuss your options.

Changing the Bed Size?
When changing your bed base, you may be tempted to go up a size, say from a king size to a super-king, and if you have the space there is no reason not to do this. Before you make this decision though, it is worth thinking about the effect this change will have on your storage options in the room. Will you have enough space for bedside tables? Could you pull out under-bed storage with a bed that is at least 30cm wider than your existing base? Many of our customers – when upgrading the size of their bed – order the base alone to begin with and when it has been constructed in the room then consider adding tables and drawers. It can help you choose which bedside table will look best in the available space.

One of the benefits of choosing a bed base or bedside table from Natural Bed Company is that any of the items made at our Sheffield workshops can usually be adjusted to suit your needs. These items are made to order and can be tailored to your specifications (just please note a bespoke item is more of a commitment as it can’t be easily exchanged if you change your mind – take a look at our terms and conditions here).

We have a wide range of beds on display in our Sheffield showroom, each in standard UK king size, along with examples of our own bedside tables, plus the Black Lotus and Ethnicraft ranges. We’ve heard from customers many times about how helpful it can be to see the beds before placing an order so wherever possible, I would always recommend coming to see us if you are unsure on which bed to choose. We are open Monday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm and would love to see you.