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The Craftsmen at Natural Bed Company

Here is an introduction to some of the craftsmen that make up the Natural Bed Company team!

Nigel – is our work-shop manager…
He is a talented craftsman with over 15 years of experience in carpentry. He has been our workshop manger for some time now and plays a crucial role in the design process for any new model, working closely with our designer and company director Peter.

“My favourite part of the job? It’s the satisfaction of turning planked timber into a beautiful piece of furniture.” Generally an order is put into the hands of a single craftsman to take it from start to finish. We think this is an important connection between the woodworker and the customer: the craftsman has a sense of ownership of a finished product and responsibility to the client.

Loathe to blow his own trumpet I did manage to get Nigel to admit that a customer in Scotland once compared the three beds he made to “German engineering”, like the customer’s pre-built German house! His pride in the beautifully made pieces of furniture he produces is clear to see.
This is exemplified by his favourite piece from the Natural Bed Company collection – the Orchid four-poster bed. “I had a big hand in designing this bed” the elegant simplicity of this recent design obviously brings him great satisfaction.

Nigel, like most of us here, isn’t just an employee he’s also a customer! He has a bespoke kingsize Zanskar in Walnut and Maple at home. He also has a child’s size Nevada bed in oak for his son. “Oak is my favourite timber, no matter what style of room it goes in, it always looks great.”

Phil – is the head of our lacquering department.
Phil has 25 years of technical experience and is our go-to-guy for special wood stains and lacquered headboards. He is a perfectionist and loves a challenge!

Like Nigel his favourite part of the job is seeing a bed through to completion. “Applying the final coat and seeing the finished article in all it’s glory is incredibly satisfying.” Phil mixes various special stain colours for us and works with a range of materials, but he particularly enjoys applying more unusual textured finishes or a challenging high-gloss lacquer.

Phil often gets to work on his favourite bed design – the Kyoto bed. It is our most popular bed and Phil understands why: “simple and elegant, what more could you want?” His favourite timber is walnut, which he describes as “modern and classy,” it looks so good with the simple soft satin lacquer we use at Natural Bed Company. This finish allows the beauty of the wide variety of tones naturally found in walnut to shine through.

At home Phil has an pine Malabar bed with an Antique Pine finish – applied by his own fair hands! It’s a classic bed design which suits any room style with a timeless, warm golden finish.

Steve has been making our futons for well over ten years. With Peter’s input he has experimented with fillings and design adjustments to come up with, what we feel is our best-ever futon mattress: comparatively light weight, comfortable and wonderfully supportive!

Steve loves to manage his own time, working closely with our sewing department to produce our exclusive futon mattresses. Because each is hand made we can tailor our designs to meet our customers’ needs: “I have made futons in so many shapes and sizes! I even made a bespoke collection to fit the prow of a boat!”

Steve is lucky enough to own his favourite Natural Bed Company bed – a Kumo bed base without a headboard with a whitewash finish. It’s minimalist look is what appeals to him, like his favourite timber – maple – it has a clean, subtle and modern style.

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