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How to Create a Stunning Autumn Bedroom!

Preparing your bedroom for Autumn….

It’s that time of year again, when we want to change our decor to reflect the new season. Autumn is upon us and possibly our fresh white decor – perfect for summer – can start to feel a little cold. The low tog duvet or light-weight quilt is no longer doing the job! It needs to be changed or have a few layers added to it.

If you are looking to update your bedroom, and make it perfect for Autumn – take a look at our hints and tips below…

1. Colour-scheme
Adding some warmth or depth to your palette is a quick and easy way to update your bedroom. The traditional Autumn colour palette of warm terracottas and browns still works. If you want a classic look add a warm colour wool throw in tweed or check, or a cosy patchwork quilt – like our Sahara quilt in gold and copper tones. If you want to modernise this look – paint a wall a bold burnt orange and accent it with simple bedding in charcoal or steel grey shades.
Neutrals are a great choice as they work in any season, just choose accessories in deeper shades for Autumn/Winter. Our pale grey linen bedding over a Hungarian goose down duvet, topped with an alpaca throw – is the ultimate luxury way to stay cosy this Autumn (or Winter – the alpaca throw is already on my Christmas list – I think I can wait until then!)
Berry shades also look great at this time of year – when the cooler light shows them at their best. Our Zari quilts in raspberry or blackberry are a quick way to add a splash of deep, rich colour. Take a look at our pinterest board for great Autumn Bedroom colour palette suggestions.

2. Too cold one night, too warm the next?
Autumn is that transitional period when the temperature can be all over the place! Make sure you have bedding that is flexible enough to suit. As with your autumn clothing – layering is key! Soft cotton or linen bedding, with a light-medium tog duvet (4-9 tog depending on your preference) is a great basis. Then layer with a light weight quilt and/or cosy wool blanket. The extra layers are easy to take off on warmer nights, or snuggle under when it gets cold. You don’t want to have to change all your bedding with the temperature!

3. Don’t forget to turn your mattress.
Many of our mattresses have a cool cotton summer side and a warm wool winter side (see our Orthosoft or Relexsan mattresses) – don’t forget to turn your mattress with the cooler weather! If your mattress doesn’t have this feature, you may want to purchase a new cotton filled mattress protector for a cosy under layer.

4. Bring in the scent of autumn…
Use scented candles, diffusers and room sprays in woody, warm scents such as sandalwood and cedar. Changing your toiletries from lighter floral and citrus notes to richer scents is another option. Our Compagnie de Provence toiletries in Black Jasmine or Anise Patchouli are a great choice. They also are made using a high percentage of olive oil which will help keep your skin soft and supple in these colder, windier days.

5. Choose a nature-inspired or rustic look
A solid wood bed with a headboard panel that show-cases the beauty of timber is a great addition to an Autumn look. Our Sonora bed is a low wooden bed with a tall headboard panel – it suits loft spaces or modern bedrooms with low ceilings. The Malabar bed has taller legs, but still has a generous headboard panel. This is a timeless, simple bed design – choose timbers with a vibrant grain, like cherry, ash or walnut, for added interest. These warm timber tones will work with a range of Autumn colours.
A solid wood bed is the perfect basis for a rustic look, always an appealing style in autumn when we are inspired by woodland walks and the turning of the leaves. Take a look at our pinterest board of rustic bedrooms, and our previous blog for tips on creating a rustic bedroom.

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