You may have seen in the news recently that scientists have mapped the genome of the UK ash tree in an effort to combat the spread of ash die-back. As this issue is back in the spotlight, now would seem a good time to take a look at where the ash timber used for our beds originates.

Where do we source the timber for our solid ash beds?

The white ash we use for our solid wooden beds is sourced from the eastern coastal forests of North America. Studies have shown that this timber only shows minor symptoms when exposed to the disease. Ash die-back, whilst prevalent in Europe, has not spread to the American forests where our timber is logged. To comply with our ethos that all the timber we use should come from sustainable sources, the ash is sourced from some of the best-managed forests in the world. New trees are planted to replace those that have been logged to prevent de-forestation. In-fact, due to their careful management the forests are increasing in size. All our timber is from a legally certified source and purchased under the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation). If you would like to view more information on this topic, see our Environmentally Friendly Beds blog.

The appearance of our Ash

A light coloured timber with a strong grain, ash is mainly consistent in tone, but you may find a certain variation in light and dark on a larger panel such as the headboard. This gives any ash bed a unique quality, something that is only achievable with a solid wooden bed base (veneers flatten any contrasts in tone, leaving a flat, dull effect).

A consistently popular choice for beds and sofa beds, the timber is dramatic enough to make a statement but its lightness ensures that it will fit with most colour schemes, whether blending with soft pastels or contrasting with darker tones.

If you wish to keep the dramatic grain but alter the colour of the timber itself, both whitewash and wenge finishes are available on ash. An example of the latter is shown below and on the Mali bed below, and samples of the whitewash are available on request.

mali bed with pencil legs

Come and take a look….

We have the Kulu bed shown on the website in solid ash, you can also see a sample of Ash on our timbers page. If you are thinking of visiting our Sheffield showroom we currently have a Sahara Ash bed base, Kulu Ash bed and Panama sofa bed on display (you can always call us on 0114 272 1984 to check which beds are available to see at our showroom).

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